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Earlier this week, Star Wars: The Old Republic moved all of its game servers to the same location on the east coast. This made a lot of people angry and a whole lot more people just outright confused, since it happened with no prior notice or explanation. The up side is that the community team has taken to the forums to explain this sudden move; the down side is that the explanations may or may not actually explain anything.Meanwhile,dont forget to visit Swtor2credits.com for cheap swtor credits .

For example, the reason that no one was told ahead of time? The developers wanted you to log in immediately and see how your gameplay was impacted. If you’re unclear as to how that would have been tainted by knowing this was happening ahead of time, join the club. (Yes, blind trials, but customers aren’t test subjects and it arguably wouldn’t affect your overall course of action.)

Players who are experiencing particularly bad ping rates are encouraged to still send in reports about it, although how this will be addressed remains to be seen.

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