Tin Market Development Trend, Marketing Trader, Challenges Forecast to 2021

Tin Market

Global tin market is segmented on the basis of application and geography. Tin is a silver-colored malleable metal, which cannot be easily oxidized in the air. It is used in the form of metals, compound and alloys. Tin is primarily obtained from mineral cassiterite in the form of tin oxide. The tin industry has been experiencing a deficit for about six out of the past ten years.Tin owing to its corrosion resistant properties and low-toxic nature is becoming an integral part of various commercial and industrial sectors. Expansion in the consumer electronics industry coupled with increasing demand in the food packaging industry is expected to drive the tin market during the forecast period. Tin is a vital component used in contemporary electronics and electrical goods.


The alloy of tin and lead is used as a solder material to form a permanent connection between electronic components. Demand for consumer electronics in Asia Pacific is anticipated to rise significantly during the forecast period due to increasing domestic demand in emerging economies such as India and China. However, increase in prices of tin due to diminishing production from exhausting mines could hamper market growth in the coming years. Additionally, prospective applications of tin in the solar energy industry may offer new opportunities for market growth in the coming years.


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The shifting focus toward substituting lead with tin in ammunition, rising demand for lead-free solders, a wide range of niche applications and enactment of legislations to restrict illegal trade are expected to offer numerous opportunities for the growth of the tin industry. On the basis of applications, the tin industry is segmented into tin plating, solder, specialized alloys, chemicals, brass & bronze, float glass, canned food & beverages, PVC stabiizer and others.


In terms of volume, “soldering” is anticipated to be the largest and fastest growing segment of the tin industry during the forecast period. The soldering segment accounted for more than 50% volume share of the tin market. In terms of volume, “tin plating” was the second largest segment of the tin industry It is estimated to expand at a relatively high rate during the forecast period. The others segment includes lithium-ion batteries, ammunitions and solar cells.


On the basis of geography, the tin market is segmented into Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific was the largest consumer of the tin market. It was followed by Europe and North America. Asia Pacific is estimated to be the fastest growing market during the forecast period. The tin market in the region is likely to expand at a significant rate due to rising demand for tin in soldering and tin plating applications. The tin market in Middle East & Africa and Latin America is expected to experience modest growth during the forecast period.


The global key players of tin industry are Avalon Rare Metals, PT Timah, Minsur SA, Malaysia Smelting Corp., Metallo Chimique, Yunnan Chengfeng Non-Ferrous Metals Co. Ltd., Thailand Smelting & Refining Co. Ltd., Guangxi China Tin Group, Empresa Metalurgica Vinto S.A., Metallo Chimique International N.V., Gejiu Zili Mining & Smelting Co. Ltd., Yunnan Tin Group Co. Ltd., Guangxi Gaofeng Mining, Chenzhou Gaocheng Investment Services, Jiangxi Huichang Jinlong Tin, Yizhang Township Jinziping Mining, Hunan Jinli Fuyuan Mining Development, Jiangxi Xinhai Mining, and De’an Township Hongfeng Mineral Products Processing Industry.


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