APD Avalanche Photodiode Market Size, Share, Driving Factors, Sales and Revenue Forecast to 2021

APD Avalanche Photodiode Market

Global APD (Avalanche Photodiode) Industry is expected to rise at a higher CAGR in the forecast period. APD’s are high speed and high sensitivity Photodiode that use an internal gain mechanism functioning by applying a reverse voltage. APD’s measure the lower level light & are used in a broad range of applications that require high sensitivity such as measurement of optical-distance and long–distance optical communications.


Technically, when a light enters a Photodiode, electron-hole pairs are generated if the light energy is much higher than the band gap energy. The band of an APD is at room temperature and is so sensitive to light wavelengths shorter in length. In the typical Photodiode, inward photons create electron-hole pairs which are also called charge carriers responsible in supplying a measurable photocurrent. The power of incoming photons gets transformed into electrical energy and APD’s prove significant in this case. Bias potential is much higher as compared to normal Photodiodes.


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In APD, the charge carriers are set free by the light accelerated in the electrical field in such a way that they produce further electron-hole pairs via impact ionization. On contrary, if the reverse bias voltage goes less than the breakdown voltage, the avalanche diminishes due to friction losses. Until this point, a single photon generates hundreds of electrons. Above the breakdown voltage, the acceleration of the charge carriers is high enough to ensure longevity of avalanche life. Thus, a single photon can be adequate enough to produce a constant current to be measured by external electronic equipment.


On a commercial level, APDs are generally suited for a much higher bandwidth application or in cases where internal gain is required to overcome secondary amplifier noise. Hence, APD’s serve multiple objectives in several domains which fuels the market growth and is anticipated to witness a double-digit CAGR in the forecast period. Global APD (avalanche Photodiode) industry is segmented into Si APD and InGaAs APD, based on type. Based on application, the global APD avalanche Photodiode industry is segmented into industrial, medical and mobility.


Global APD (avalanche Photodiode) industry geographically spans North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle-East & Africa. APAC market is anticipated to grow at a higher CAGR in the forecast period. North America and European market is anticipated to follow the trend in the forecast period. The key players in the global APD (avalanche Photodiode) industry include Hamamatsu, Kyosemi Corporation, Luna, First-Sensor, Excelitas, Edmund Optics, GCS, and SiFotonics.


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