Flat Panel Detector Market Outlook and Forecast Analysis by Types to 2021

Global Flat Panel Detector Market is segmented on the basis of type, application and geography. Flat panel detectors (FPD) are used in direct digital radiography (DDR) for conversion of X-rays to light (indirect conversion) or charge (direct conversion) which is read out using thin film transistors (TFT array). They are used in both projection radiography and as an alternative to X-ray image intensifiers in fluoroscopy equipment.

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Flat panel detectors’ sensitivity allows a lower dose of radiation for a given picture quality than film. They are far more durable, lighter, smaller in volume, more accurate, have much less image distortion as compared to image intensification detectors and could also be produced with larger areas. With the arrival of direct digital radiography (DR) technologies in the X-Ray detectors market, the demand for flat panel detectors (FPDs) on the part of healthcare professionals and institutions has risen significantly around the world. An extensive research in the field of X-Ray imaging technologies has resulted in the development of direct digital radiography systems. The history could be traced to the development of active matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCDs) for their major usage in laptops.

These AMLCDs constitute an active matrix array which consists of millions of semiconductors components embedded on a substrate. An intensifying screen attached to such an array forms the foundation of flat panel X-ray detectors. These detectors can be utilized in both radiography as well as floroscopy. Flat panel detectors offer numerous benefits over conventional detectors such as the former ones could act as imaging plates, image intensifiers, scintillators, films, as well as PSP or CR detectors. As per FlatPanelDR, FPD-based DR systems do provide a potential for less exposure to harmful radiations along with enhanced contrast visibility as compared to those with much enhanced PSP detector-based CR systems.

On the basis of type, the flat panel detector market is segmented into indirect conversion flat panel detectors and direct conversion flat panel detectors. On the basis of application, the flat panel detector market is segmented into manufacturing, security, construction, semiconductors, bomb disposal and so on.On the basis of geography, the flat panel detector market is segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe and Middle East & Africa.

The key players of flat panel detector market are ASAHI Roentgen, VATECH, Sirona Dental Systems, Villa Sistemi Medicali, Carestream Dental, DABI ATLANTE, Gnatus, Genoray, FONA Dental, NEW LIFE RADIOLOGY, Panoramic Corporation, Planmeca, Kavo, SOREDEX, Takara Belmont Corporation, MIDMARK, MYRAY, Po Ye X-Ray, PointNix, Instrumentarium Dental, Progeny, Trident, ARDET Dental & Medical Devices, BMI Biomedical International, Corix Medical Systems, Dexcowin, DigiMed, Gendex Dental Systems, ImageWorks, Foshan Hongke Medical Instrument Factory.

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North America grabbed the leading share in the flat panel X-ray detectors market for 2015, owing to the increasing use of these detectors in security and bomb disposal services. Their continued use in the applications as well as the growing use in manufacturing is expected to drive the region’s market further during the forecast period. The flat panel detector market in Asia Pacific is characterized by its growing demand in the emerging economies of India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, especially in the healthcare sector.

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