Global Focus Remains the Number One Choice for Body Cams in 2017

Global Focus remains a leading choice for body cams for all industries in 2017.

Global Focus is a United Kingdom based company that specialises in body worn cameras. This is a very well-established company that has been catering to clients since 2001, providing them with superior quality body worn cameras and the highest level of service and support that they can count on.

The company has a passionate team of dedicated members who focus on providing all their clients with valuable information, advice and support when it comes to choosing the right camera based on their unique requirements. The team work hard behind the scenes, ensuring that they provide all clients with a first class service, helping them with their body cam needs at all times.

Global Focus mentioned that all their cameras have been manufactured to the very highest of standards. They mentioned that they pay very close attention to detail, ensuring that the cameras supplied will meet all clients needs. they also mentioned that they keep ample stock enabling them to provide the fastest dispatch and delivery times to all ciients.

This company mentioned that they have worked with clients in all industries from the international police force to television broadcasters and sports specialists to government bodies, military organisations, traffic management companies and so much more They mentioned that their cameras can be provide valuable information which can be watched back to get a true picture of the events as they unfolded.

During a recent interview, the marketing manager at Global Focus, Paula Twinn said “Our body cams are all manufactured to the finest of standards. We are passionate about our cameras and providing clients with the quality product that they need whether they want to see how players do on the field to following up on an investigation which has led to an arrest. The possibilities of our body cams are endless.”

Global Focus continues to grow in demand and have become a leading choice for body cams throughout the United Kingdom. The company advised that they are thrilled with their success and see a high demand for their products each and every year, which has resulted in them being on track to end this year on a record high.

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