Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems Market Segment by Application 2022

The global automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) market is expected to witness lucrative growth over the forecast period due to the growing investments in the banking & finance sectors and government to support e-governance and secure transactions. With the rising criminal records, the need for the digitalization of the data using AFIS would drive the market for law enforcement applications in the government sector. In addition, the technology evolution and transformation from the manual process to digital process also fuel the AFIS market.The increase in the frequency of internal and external security threats, rising need for identification and increasing demand for integrated automated fingerprint identification system solutions also contribute towards the growth of AFIS industry. The integration of AFIS technology in mobile devices improves the computer power for fast and precise detection of fingerprints using different algorithms. Furthermore, the increasing adoption of mobile payment solutions shows a positive impact on the AFIS market. The mobile payment solutions ensure safe transactions instead of using password as a safety tool.

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Automated fingerprint identification is considered as a sophisticated method which has been in practice for several years. It is an electronic matching of one or more unknown fingerprints against the database of existing fingerprints. The matching is done on the pattern-based algorithm such as whorls, arches, and loops of the fingerprints. The AFIS market is segmented on the basis of the component into hardware and software. Hardware is further classified into microprocessors/microcontrollers, matchers, displays and fingerprint input modules. The segmentation is also done on the basis of search type into tenprint searches and latent searches. Tenprint searches are expected to dominate the segment owing to its wide use in the sectors such as healthcare, transportation, and hospitality.

On the basis of the application area, the AFIS market is categorized into government sector, transportation, healthcare, hospitality, and banking and finance sector. Among these application areas, the government and transportation sector is estimated to hold the significant share of the AFIS market. The use of automated fingerprint identification system by law enforcement agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and in e-governance applications support the growth of the market in the government sector. Geographically, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific are identified as the major regions in the market. North America is estimated to dominate the industry due to the presence of a large number of vendors in this region. Also, early implementation and development of the AFIS technology have helped North America to hold the largest market share.

Asia Pacific is expected to witness the fastest growth over the forecast period. The rising government initiatives for secure transactions, increasing per capita income and growing population base are the factors anticipating the demand for automated fingerprint identification system. The major players in this industry include 3M Cogent Inc., NEC Corporation, Morpho SA, Crossmatch Technologies Inc., Fujitsu Ltd., HID Global Corporation, Suprema Inc., and AFIX Technologies Inc. Other prominent players are Dermalog Identification System GmbH, M2SYS Technology, Sonda Technologies Ltd., East Shore Technologies, and Papillon Systems.

To increase their market share, the companies are adopting competitive strategies such as new product developments, mergers and acquisition, expansion of their product portfolio and collaborations. In March 2016, Innovatrics released its next generation automated fingerprint identification system named as Innovatrics AFIS. The solution is fully scalable, customizable and multimodal, and can be easily integrated into a customer’s existing biometrics system.

In January 2016, Dermalog Identification System GmbH has delivered the biometric passports and an IT system for e-passport registration and personalization to the Republic of Maldives. It has also delivered a new border control system which includes a high-speed automatic fingerprint identification system to Maldives immigration. It is considered as one of the most secure devices. Recently, ID Global Solutions Corporation (a company which provides secure biometric identity and electronic transaction solutions) announced its acquisition of FIN Holdings Inc. which is specialized in biometric fingerprint software technology and algorithms. It has also acquired a South African Company named as Cards Plus SA which provides unique secure credential products and solutions to the government in Africa. This acquisition helps in improving the accuracy of IDGS’s transaction security and financial inclusion platform.

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