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Swtor United Forces Update is released today with Swtor servers merged. Swtor 5.5.1 has increased the character slots, and don’t forget to login and complete three PvE activities to get special rewards. Now you can read the Swtor 5.5.1 patch notes with the cheapest swtor credits .

Swtor United Forces is live with pet & companion rewards

With Swtor United Forces update, Swtor servers are merged into five new servers: Satele Shan, Star Forge, Darth Malgus, The Leviathan and Tulak Hord, expanding your connection to our galactic-sized community. This allows players to discover new Guilds, new friends, and jump into multiplayer content more easily.
As Swtor United Forces rewards, the “Mini Mogul NM-1” mini-pet & Darth Hexid Companion will be delivered to all eligible players on 11/28.

Swtor 5.5.1 patch notes with character slots increased

1. The default character slots per server have changed for all players:
Free to play: Now 4 characters per server (up from 2)
Preferred: Now 12 characters per server (up from 6)
Subscriber: Now 24 characters per server (up from 12)
2. All Legacy Family Trees have been reset.
3. The maximum amount of character slots a player can have via paid slot unlocks has been increased to 100 (up from 52)
4. If having multiple Legacies combined would cause a player’s Legacy Storage to become full, they may now access the Legacy Storage Overflow stash. This interface can have items removed from it, but no new items may be placed inside.
5. Players may now begin earning progress towards the “United Forces Group Recon” Achievement. This Achievement requires completing three PvE activities through Group Finder.
6. Players may now begin earning progress towards the “United Forces Warzone Recon” Achievement. This Achievement requires completing three Warzones matches.

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