Global Isobutyl acrylate Market Plying for Significant Growth During 2017 – 2023

Acrylates are the conjugate bases, salts and esters of acrylic acids. Acrylates contain vinyl group directly attached to carbonyl carbon of acrylic acid. Isobutyl acrylate is an ester of acrylic acid, which polymerizes very easily in the presence of heat and light generating more heat. It is highly flammable when comes in contact with air and slightly soluble in water. Isobutyl acrylate is available in liquid form in the market. Basic characteristics exhibited by isobutyl acrylate includes colorlessness and irritant odor. Isobutyl acrylate readily forms homopolymers and copolymers. It is also a very important feedstock for chemical synthesis because it easily undergoes addition reactions with wide variety of organic and inorganic compounds. Applications of isobutyl acrylates can be found in many industries including building & construction, paints & coatings, automotive, and chemicals. Its applications can be encompassed under broad categories such as adhesives & sealants, coatings, manufacturing thermoplastics and feedstock for many chemical reactions

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North America is following Asia Pacific in terms of market size of the global isobutyl acrylate market. U.S. is the major market in the regional isobutyl acrylate market. The country is rapidly taking up the reconstruction activities to further develop its existing physical infrastructure in a sustainable manner, which is driving the demand of isobutyl acrylate forward. Apart from construction industry the most significant industries in this region are aerospace and transportation. The aerospace sector also deploying major application of isobutyl acrylate. Europe is also a significant region in the global isobutyl acrylate market owing to the presence of important end use industries. The substantial end use industry in this region is automobile industry. The use of isobutyl acrylate for making interior of high end luxury cars is the main driver of market in this region. Germany, France, and U.K. are the major contributors in the regional isobutyl acrylate market. Increasing standard of living of people around the world is responsible for growing demand of luxury cars. This factor may help the regional isobutyl acrylate market to grow further. Other regions in the global isobutyl acrylate market are Middle East & Africa and Latin America. Middle East has a vast potential to invest in isobutyl acrylate market on account of growing building and construction and sports industry in this region. Moreover, with availability of raw material this region is estimated to be the major contributor in the global isobutyl acrylate market during the forecast period.

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Key Players

The prominent players in the global isobutyl acrylate market are BASF SE (Germany), Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Japan), BAMM (U.S.), OSAKA ORGANIC CHEMICAL INDUSRTY LTD. (Japan), NIPPON SHOKUBAI CO., LTD. (JAPAN), Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC. (U.S.), Solventis Limited (U.K), and others.


The global isobutyl acrylate market is segmented on the basis of applications, end use industries, and region. On the basis applications the markets is divided into adhesives, sealants, coatings, plasticizers, thermoplastics and chemical intermediates. In which the major use of isobutyl acrylate can be found in adhesives & sealants segment. Based on end use industry the global isobutyl acrylate market is segmented into building & construction, paints & coatings, automotive, plastics, chemicals and others, wherein the major end use industries are building & construction and paints & coatings. Geographically, the markets is divided into Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Asia Pacific is the largest dominating region among them.

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