Recycle Your Business’ Paper and Cardboard Waste Using LKM Recycling’s Paper and Cardboard Recycling Services

LKM Recycling is the UK’s leading provider of recycling and waste management services. They promote a Zero Waste policy and use recycling processes to prevent waste from filling up landfills.


[SITTINGBOURNE, 22/11/2017] — LKM Recycling is committed to preserving the environment using their total waste management services. They help businesses reduce their carbon footprint by recycling various types of waste such as plastic, wood, metal and more.


Two of the biggest commodities in the waste industry are paper and cardboard. Businesses that do not have a proper waste management solution usually transport a big amount of paper and cardboard waste to landfills which quickly pile up. This causes a negative impact on the environment as the soil on the landfill becomes unusable and becomes more prone to soil erosion. Then there is the damage done, on the whole, by not recycling paper.


Recycling Paper and Cardboard

It is inevitable for businesses to produce large amounts of paper and cardboard waste since they are the most common forms of packaging. A common misconception about the two types of waste is that they are not recyclable because they are biodegradable. LKM Recycling stresses that paper and cardboard are much easier to recycle than creating the materials from scratch. The company states that both materials can be recycled up to nine times and used in new forms such as cereal boxes, brown paper bags and more.


LKM’s Paper and Cardboard Waste Management Solution

If businesses want to commit to properly disposing of their paper and cardboard waste, LKM Recycling can provide them with efficient paper and cardboard recycling services. This service helps businesses comply with environmental regulations by minimising the amount of waste they send to landfills. LKM accepts all forms of paper and cardboard in both baled and loose forms.

Taking advantage of LKM’s paper and cardboard recycling services helps businesses save time and money by transporting their waste to landfills.


About LKM Recycling

LKM Recycling has over 35 years of experience in the scrap metal and waste recycling industries. They have broad knowledge in helping businesses fulfill their corporate social responsibility requirements by offering total waste management solutions. The company buys and sells a range of recyclable materials to help their clients become a greener and more efficient business. From waste skips and bins container-hire services to scrap car collection, LKM upholds sustainability in all their services.


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