Plexiglas inside a Woodshop

For woodworkers, the concept of keeping a supply of plexiglas within a woodshop raises some
eyebrows. Plexiglas is
one thing we preserve on hand in our shop, in numerous thicknesses. We
order it in 4′ by 8′ sheets. The thicknesses we stock are 1/8″, 1/4″ and 3/4″.
discover it to become a important asset to us as a result of reality that it’s very easily machined, with typical
woodworking tools,
and can stand as much as repeated use. We generally use it to guide a cutting
which include a scapel or exacto knife. Working with a wood pattern would let distortion, as it
also can be reduce. The plexiglas stands as much as the blade and really guides it. Applying slight
pressure for the blade, towards the jig will lead to an ideal duplicate, devoid of damage to
the jig.

We use itto make patterns for anything we could develop more than after, or if it could be
less costly to create a mistake on it, instead of a portion of furniture. For instance a veneered
pattern which took some time and care in
generating. We make a plexiglas pattern, and use
it to mark and
reduce the workpiece. 1 advantage to this really is the fact that it’s clear, we are able to
see the workpiece and
confirm it is being laid out ideal.
We’ll scribe cross hairs or layout lines
inside the jig to assist us in laying out the completed component.
This really is very helpful.

Orwhen the workpiece is a single piece of veneer, we can lay the plexiglas pattern around the
veneer, and move it
about until we’re satisfied with all the pattern showing around the veneer.

One more really huge use in our shop is in creating guides and jigs for our vacuum program.

These jigs save usan enormous level of layout time. We devote just a little added time when generating
the jig, to
confirm it is great, and from then on, it’s saving time, and plenty of it. We use these
jigs for dadoing
with a router, locating biscuits in cabinet parts, holding parts square, whilst
we fasten them

Whenutilizing the jigs for biscuiting, we location a piece of masking tape around the jig, and make
our marks
on the tape. Subsequent time the layout is various, we replace the tape.
Producing jigs out of various pieces need connecting the plexiglas collectively. This really is truly
basic, and can be screwed with each other with normal fasteners for wood. The holes
should be pre drilled and countersunk, but using a little care, it really is no challenge. Also gluing them
with each other is simple. we’ll normally glue them with each other, after which add screws immediately after the glue is
cured. (seconds later). The glue is applied to a butted joint,
having a needle like applicator,
and is so thin it penetrates the joint. The joint
is quite sturdy in a brief amount of time.
Cutting plexiglas
can be carried out using a table saw, band saw, scroll saw, jig saw, or perhaps a
circular saw. The edges
may be sanded or filed, to the exact shape / size you’d like. When you
want polished edges,
you’ll really need to heat them having a torch, by just licking the edge using the
There’s a finding out curve right here, so it really is finest to practice on scraps. We locate this step to
be unnecessary, in most
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