Wireless Chipsets Industry up to 2022 market research report popular trends, technological advancements and opportunities

Global Wireless Chipsets market is expected to witness substantial growth over the forecast period. There has been an increased shift towards the portable devices. This fueled the usage of wireless devices worldwide thereby increasing the demand for wireless chipset. It also broadened the application areas of wireless chipset. Wireless chipsets are fundamental hardware design which are utilized in communication systems or used by computers for communications with other wireless enabled devices. External wireless local area network (WLAN) adapters and WLAN cards majorly use wireless chipsets. The most commonly used wireless chipsets include wireless cards with 802.11b or 802.11g wireless technology applied in computers.

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Rising demand of the wireless devices and growth in the application of wireless chipsets is projected to increase market growth. The shift from wired to wireless technology may favorably impact market growth. A growth in the global wireless chipsets market is estimated on account of the technological development in the communication protocol and launch of the frequency bands. Rapid growth in the PC and tablets market is expected to provide high growth opportunities for wireless chipsets market. Software sectors and microelectronics market have witnessed a significant advancement improving the scalability and functionality of real-time embedded systems. This is expected to drive the market growth over the next seven years.

Wireless networks and related technologies have largely been characterized into Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN). The various types of wireless chipsets include Wi-Max chipsets, LTE chipsets, wireless display/video chipsets, ZigBee chipsets and wireless/Wi-Fi chipsets. These chipsets are applied in laptops, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), computers, routers, mobile phones and other wireless devices. The technology segment includes low-power WLAN, multi-mode LTE, HD display & video and dual protocol Zig-Bee.

Wi-Fi chipsets experienced vigorous demand and deployment in the overall digital consumer electronics market. Tablets and smartphones contributed majority of its revenue. As adoption of Wi-Fi enabled smartphones by the consumers increased, there was a growing trend of incorporation of Wi-Fi in smartphones by the supply side of semiconductor industry. This, in turn, led to increase in demand for Wi-Fi enabled smartphones and is projected to spike the demand for Wi-Fi enabled laptops.

The 4G cellular data technology includes Mobile LTE and Mobile Wi-Max. Mobile Wi-Max was introduced in 2007 and witnessed a significant growth rate till 2010. However, introduction of Mobile LTE in 2011 hindered its growth and it faced a stiff competition. The first choice of broadband industry shifted from Mobile Wi-Max to Mobile LTE. For upgrading from the cellular broadband technologies, Mobile LTE was the ideal choice which offered high data speeds and performance. This gave a significant boost to the Mobile LTE chipsets market. The launch of Apple’s iPhone 5 in 2012 also fueled demand for Mobile LTE chipsets.

In the recent past, the ZigBee chipsets markets has witnessed high growth. The theory of Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics (RFCE) got fused with ZigBee technology which augmented its demand in TV remote controls market. Recent advancements in Zig-bee technology, which is suitable for automation applications such as Zig Bee IP and PRO, is projected to create an increased demand in the market. ZigBee technology is anticipated to be deployed at a very fast pace in home & building automation and smart energy over the next seven years.

Global wireless chipsets market has been majorly dominated by North America in the past. The rapidly evolving technology in The U.S., Canada and Mexico has created a high demand for the wireless chipsets in North America. It is projected to be the market leader in the next seven years. Asia Pacific wireless chipsets market is anticipated to have the highest growth rate over the forecast period. The emerging economies of India and China have witnessed the rapid adoption of the wireless devices such as Wi-Fi enabled laptops and mobile phones. These fastest growing market have a rapidly increasing IT sector. This is projected to create a high growing market for wireless chipsets in the next seven years. Key market participants in global wireless chipsets market include Intel Corporation, Gain span Corporation, Atmel Corporation, Amimon Ltd., Freescale Semiconductor Inc., GCT Semiconductor Inc., Broadcom Corporation, Altair Semiconductor Inc. and Green peak Technologies Ltd.

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