Wireless Intrusion Prevention System Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth by 2025

The market for Wireless Intrusion Prevention System is increasing due to high demand to automate wireless network scanning. This Wireless Intrusion Prevention System solution is used to identify malicious traffic and generate corresponding action. The increasing complex attacks, Increased Incidents, and negative publicity extend demand for better security solutions. This increases the adoption of Wireless Intrusion Prevention System solutions. It acts as an integrated software application that control and monitors wireless LAN network based radio spectrum to control access points and other wireless threats.

The Wireless Intrusion Prevention System also helps in controlling MAC addresses of all wireless access points on network and alert administrator at the time of discrepancy found. This Wireless Intrusion Prevention System solution is ideal for geographically distributed Wi-Fi networks as it can be managed easily from central location with the help of internet facility. Wireless Intrusion Prevention System solution is helpful for companies adopting BYOD management which increases the risk of network unauthorized access.

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The major factor driving the adoption of Wireless Intrusion Prevention System is the increasing complex cyber-attacks has forced enterprises to implement network security solutions. In few years there has been sudden increase in the hacking accidents due to which many enterprises has faced losses. These trends enforces enterprises to adopt and implement Wireless Intrusion Prevention System solutions in order to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks.

The key challenge for Wireless Intrusion Prevention System is the high cost of implementation. With the integration of smartphones with organizational applications, there has been huge growth of data which includes many confidential information. Wireless Intrusion Prevention System overlays provide many valuable features and protections, especially to large enterprises who capture customer data, they can be quite costly. With hardware, applications, subscriptions and training company has to pay huge amount of money in Wireless Intrusion Prevention System.

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In August 2017, Hula Networks entered into the partnership with Airtight Networks, an enterprise cloud controlled Wi-Fi network, Wireless Intrusion Prevention System provider. This partnership will help in improving customer based of Hula networks as the company will include Airtight network based Wi-Fi security solutions in their portfolio.

In September 2014, Airtight Networks, an enterprise cloud controlled Wi-Fi network provider has launched IOT based Wireless Intrusion Prevention System. Internet of Things (IoT)-ready wireless intrusion prevention (WIPS) technology, it is helping to allow fully-automated 24/7 protection therefore decreasing IT involvement for mitigation of wireless threats or compliance reporting.

The key players in this Wireless Intrusion Prevention System market are Airtight Networks, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, Intel Corporation and others.

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