Villas for Rent in Cyprus from Cyprus Villa Retreats

Cyprus Villa Retreats offers selection of villas for rent in Cyprus.

Cyprus Villa Retreats is a leading holiday rental specialist company that focuses on Cyprus villas to provide visitors with luxury accommodation when visiting this beautiful area. This very well-established London based company provides clients with an extensive range of luxury holiday villas in Cyprus along with superior quality services and support that their clients can count on when it comes to their unique holiday needs.

This company has an excellent reputation for their hand selected holiday villas, which are all chosen to ensure that they meet the company’s exceptionally high quality standards in order to always surpass clients expectations. The company mentioned that all their villas has been inspected by the team to ensure that they will meet clients requirements and then they are added to the company’s website, so clients can view the villas and read up the information so that they can make the best decision to meet their particular holiday requirements.

Cyprus Villa Retreats mentioned that they provide a personalised service with a host of additional extras for their clients to take advantage of. Their focus is to ensure that each of their visitors have the best Cyprus experience when staying in one of their luxury villas, which is a welcome alternative to hotel accommodation, offering primacy, luxury and comfort, ensuring every guest gets to enjoy their holiday experience at all times.

The company has an experienced team of holiday rental experts who are passionate in matching their clients to the right luxury Cyprus villa based on their needs. The team works hard behind the scenes, ensuring that their site is kept up to date and with accurate information so clients can make their selection based on their travel needs whether they are travelling as a couple, a family, a group or friends or for a corporate event. The team advised that their luxury Cyprus villas for rent provide clients with the advantage of staying together as one group with the convenience of their own living space, kitchen, outdoor areas and usually also their own private swimming pool, a welcome addition in the Cyprus summer heat.

During a recent interview, the head of sales and marketing at Cyprus Villa Retreats, Frank Butterwell said “We offer a full selection of villas for rent in Cyprus with new villas regularly being added so that we are able to accommodate all visitors at all times.”

About Us: Cyprus Villa Retreats is a leading holiday rental specialist providing clients with an extensive selection of luxurious villas in Cyprus. This well-established London based company provides hand selected villas, all chosen to meet the company’s high quality control standards and surpass their clients expectations. They provide a website, which is overflowing with useful information, helping clients make an easy selection based on their unique holiday needs and budget. Cyprus Villa Retreats offers a personalised reservations service along with a host of additional extras, ensuring that their clients have the most enjoyable holiday when visiting Cyrus. To find out more visit

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