Practise Proper Clean Wood Waste Disposal with Wood Recycling Services from LKM Recycling

LKM Recycling offers efficient wood recycling services for businesses in the UK. The company lists down accepted and unaccepted kinds of wood waste.

[SITTINGBOURNE, 15/12/2017] – LKM Recycling, a leading provider of total waste management solutions in the UK, encourages businesses to practise proper and clean wood waste disposal by offering efficient wood recycling services. The company helps businesses differentiate between accepted and not accepted kinds of wood waste.

Wood Recycling Services

In the UK, people generate more than 4.5 million tonnes of wood waste each year yet only half of the total amount is recycled. To help businesses reduce their impact on the environment, the team at LKM Recycling provides efficient and cost-effective wood collection and recycling services.

The company has years of experience in wood scrap recycling to ensure proper disposal of clean wood waste. They use environmentally friendly methods, assist companies in fulfilling their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and help businesses save on overall disposal costs.

Understanding Clean Wood

LKM Recycling only accepts clean wood for their collection services. Clean wood includes:
• Solid softwood and hardwood
• Pallets
• Untreated wooden products
• Wooden packaging

The company does not accept wood mixed with:
• Hazardous wood (i.e. railway sleepers)
• Black bag waste
• Inert materials (i.e. soils, concrete)
• Glass
• Green waste
• Rigid plastics (i.e. guttering, plastic pipes, UPVC windows)

About LKM Recycling

LKM Recycling provides Total Waste Management Solutions for companies that want to help achieve a greener city. They have over 35 years of experience in waste management solutions. As a leading waste management company in Sittingbourne, they offer a wide range of services: plastic recycling, scrap car collections, paper and cardboard recycling, shredding services and many more.

For more information about LKM Recycling and other waste disposal services, visit their website at

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