Choosing Cleaning Services in South London

As one of the city’s well-known cleaning services West Clean advises that they are available to work all over London, also in the south. They say they offer a comprehensive service aimed at private owners, landlords and estate agents, as well as owners of offices, restaurants and bars, among some.

According to the firm they carry out cleaning jobs once tenancies come to an end, when builders leave premises after a new build project or renovation, any offices and of course all domestic cleaning tasks. They say their experienced staff members know exactly what is expected of them and they always leave a job with everything in place – and spotless.

They always use biodegradable cleaning materials and products and work fast, efficient and in an organised manner so as not to interfere with owners’ schedule. The firm says they plan every cleaning job properly and they liaise with the owners about the best times for them to arrive – they always try and fit in their jobs to suit the schedule of their clients, they add.

The company advises that the client has options in terms of how the cleaning is done: either as a one-off, or as an ongoing contract, in which case they will then come up with a structured payment schedule.

The company says they clean absolutely everything in the house or apartment, from kitchens, bathrooms, living areas to bedrooms. They add that windows will sparkle when they leave, furniture will be clean and floors shining.

They add that they offer special deals in terms of which a client may request steam cleaning services for upholstery and/or carpets. According to the company they quote before the time, but the final figure may depend on size and condition of the property. They say that they always make sure every property they take on is cleaned according to a checklist for every room.

That way not one single surface or corner is missed and the owner has the assurance that every last detail of the cleaning process is attended to. According to the company they have been active in the London area for a long time – some of them for more than 15 years; therefore they know every area of the city and virtually every street.

They say that they are growing at an impressive rate and that their past clients often send them new business. They do add that their website attracts daily hits, which invariably leads to new business all the time.

Fiona Light, Manager said during one of her interviews, “South London is an area that we know extremely well. We have a lot of permanent clients in the area and they help us build our good name by sending us new clients all the time. We are growing at a steady pace.”

At West Clean we offer a host of excellent services that will suit anybody who needs a team of experienced cleaners that caters to all cleaning needs and budgets. Some of our services include homes, apartments and offices. Our cleaners are well trained and use biodegradable products. At West Clean we pride ourselves in the quality of the work we deliver and in the high service levels we have become known for. We clean all areas of your home and we make sure that when we leave, everything sparkles. We clean carpets, windows, kitchen surfaces and all areas where dust collects over time. In fact, we clean every corner of your home or office. For more information about our services, please visit

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