FIFA 18 web app import extensions can get your account banned

An updated version of fifa ultimate team coins (as well as EA’s) Terms of Services makes one thing about FIFA abundantly clear: if you use certain Google Chrome extensions/add-ons to try and get a leg up in FIFA 18 to take shortcuts in valuating your club or completing Squad Buildling Challenges, you could be banned for it.

While rumors had long circulated that some FIFA web app import/sync extensions put you at risk of possibly having your personal information (most notably your most recent login to the FUT web app) jeopardized, there now appears to be an even more concrete reason not to leverage these otherwise appealing third-party extensions or softwares.You can only access FIFA, FIFA Ultimate Team, and our FIFA servers using an official version of EA SPORTS FIFA, otherwise it breaks our rules. An official version is one that you bought from us or an authorized retailer. You must also use either an unmodified platform or the official FUT Web and FUT Companion Apps to avoid breaking our rules. An unmodified platform is a console or PC that no one has adjusted or added anything to that would change the way it functions. In other words, the console must work the way it did when it came out of the box from an authorized retailer, and the PC does not have any software running to modify the game or the game’s interactions with EA.Worth noting that even Two-Factor Authorization won’t protect your account from third-party extensions you give permission to access it.

The idea of such extensions have long appealed to the FIFA community but perhaps unsurprisingly, there hasn’t been a lot of discussion as to whether the personal advantages came at the expense of account security and/or game health.

Though some will probably instinctively react to these developments saying this is all merely mesaging or posturing on EA’s part, a quick Twitter search reveals some users using such extensions may already be facing the music for doing so: Read More

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