FUT 18 Path to Glory introduces international-themed

fifa coins comprar next big event is upon us. EA Sports have dropped “Path to Glory,” an event that introduces a brand new item type that’s focused on the journey to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. These new items are aimed at the younger generation looking to make a name for themselves on the world’s stage. Much like regular Ones to Watch cards, these items will have the chance of getting upgrades throughout the year based on real-life performance.

Avid players of the Weekend League or Squad Battles will be excited to see fan-favorite Gabriel Jesus among the list of players available. Same goes for Marcus Rashford. If you’re looking for a new striker for your club and a nice investment opportunity, these could be the perfect cards for you. Volatility Volatility (or Standard Deviation) is measured in terms of coins. This statistic is a great way to evaluate the risk, and accordingly reward, of trading/investing in a player item. Generally, higher value players will have higher volatility, but in the case of OTWs, a player who warrants an upgrade can also exhibit large volatility.

— Quick take: Players in the elite categories like Alvaro Morata, Alexandre Lacazette, and Kylian Mbappe Lottin all have high volatility that could lead to some great quick flips. But those are few and far between. So if you’d rather trade a lot of items, maybe consider a low volatility player, such as Keita Balde Diao or longtime Futhead favorite, Bruma, as you’ll have a better idea of when you’ve picked up a steal.

Beta Just like volatility, a beta is a measure of risk. However, it examines the item’s relationship to the overall market. To clarify, a negative beta does not mean the item has negative returns. Rather, beta represents the tendency of a item to respond to swings in the market, and the higher the value the greater the expected price shift.Click Here

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