Powell Veterinary Service Provides Effective Dog Teeth Cleaning

Powell Veterinary Services is a leading veterinary practice located in Kersey near Greeley, Colorado in the United States. This is a very well-established vet which has been catering to pet owners since 1991 providing their pets with quality care and treatment, ensuring that they receive the care that they deserve now and moving forward. The company provides years of experience along with a host of services that all pet owners can rely on and trust.

This vet offers a full range of health services to family pets throughout Kersey, Greeley in Colorado. They mentioned that they offer everything from annual check ups and surgery to orthopedics, tooth cleaning and even dog boarding, for when pet owners are going way and want to ensure their family pet is well taken care of.

Powell Veterinary Service uses state of the art technology to provide fast and accurate assessments of all pets to ensure that they receive the fastest and most effective treatment options to get them back to optimum health without delay. This vet is passionate in what they do, which is why they also provide home and emergency visits when necessary.

The vet comprises of an experienced and dedicated team of veterinary professionals who are passionate in providing pets and their owners with first class service and support. The team work hard behind the scenes, using their years of experience and their outstanding animal knowledge to work to the practices high quality standards, providing pet owners with the advice, assistance and support that they need when it comes to their family pet.

During a recent interview, Mark H Powell, DVM, the president at Powell Veterinary Service said “I cannot stress enough how important it is for dog owners to ensure that they have their dogs teeth cleaned on a regular basis, as advised by their vet. Dogs get plaque and tartar the same as humans, the difference is that they cannot tell you when they are in pain. Cleaning reduces the risk of cavities and gum disease, ensuring your pet enjoys healthy teeth and can enjoy all their favorite meals with ease. One of the first signs you may notice your dog has a tooth problem is that they will be hungry but not willing to eat.”

Powell Veterinary Service is a veterinary practice ideally located in Kersey, Greeley, Colorado in the United States. This very well-established practice has been catering to family pets sine 1991 offering a full range of health services that pet owners can rely on and trust. They offer everything from orthopedics to boarding and surgery to annual check ups and more. Powell Veterinary Service advised that they provide the best care in their comfortable and relaxed practice using state of the art technology and years of knowledge to ensure fast and accurate health assessments. They do offer home and emergency visits when needed. To find out more, visit http://www.powellvets.com.

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