Snagging Surveys – The New Peace of Mind When Buying a UK Home

MDR Home Inspections is a snagging specialist company that operates throughout the United Kingdom. This is a well-established company which was founded by Michael Reynolds, offering over twenty years of construction background along with superior quality services that clients can rely on and trust.

The company has built up an outstanding reputation for their ability to provide home buyers and investors, both private and commercial, with confidence when making a large investment, whether it’s their first home, their first office or their holiday home. The company advised that they cater to buyers and landlords, providing effective nagging reports that can help them in identifying what work will be needed to the property before they make any final decisions.

MDR Home Inspections mentioned that they provide project management services as an added benefit to investors and landlords who have multiple properties or are completing a final development and want to ensure each property is finished to the highest of standards. The company provides quality and professional inspections with every default carefully listed to ensure that clients receive a detailed report that they can trust.

This company comprises of an experienced and dedicated team of inspectors who go through each property with a fine tooth comb to ensure that they provide all clients with the finest quality services and support. The team work to very high quality standards, providing clients with the detailed report that they need to identify any work needed and then make the best decision regarding the investment options available to them.

During a recent interview, Michael Reynolds, the company owner of MDR Home Inspections said “Snagging surveys are becoming a top choice for investors before they make any final decisions on a property. Our snagging reports are guaranteed to provide investors with all the defects that they need to know about, ideal if they intend buying to rent out or they want to identify how much work will be needed to fix up the property effectively.”

MDR Home Inspections continues to grow in demand and as a result they have increased their team and fleet size to ensure that they can continue to accommodate all clients requirements now and in the future.

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