Wallace Cotton Successfully Launches UK Website

The wait is finally over for Wallace Cotton’s loyal European customers on the western seas, with the company’s successful launch of their UK-dedicated website.

For what felt like a very natural next step for the brand, Wallace Cotton Directors Paula and Bill Wallace believed that, since their NZ and UK audiences share a similar heritage, they share a similar aesthetic for culture and style as well.

“We often have UK visitors in our stores who fall in love with the brand and plead with us to launch in Britain,” said Bill about the launch. “We feel sure that customers in the UK will be excited by our products and understand what we do, just like our loyal customer base in New Zealand.”

The brand certainly has a lot of potential for success across the seas, as the online retail market in the UK is very well established and trusted. Paula felt it was certainly the most ideal place to start.

Wallace Cotton’s exclusive designs for their homeware range is made with the best fabrics nature has to offer, focusing on enduring and sustainable quality. Paula and Bill sincerely hope that their UK customers will find something perfect for their homes that not only add character to their homes but will provide comfort and luxury for many seasons to come.

The UK website itself has a similar functionality compared to the original NZ website, but especially caters to the different seasonal clock that the western world experiences. They deliver their collection of beautiful homeware such as duvet sets and bed linen UK wide, dispatching directly and quickly from the UK. They also offer free shipping on all orders over £50 made through the website.

Visit the Wallace Cotton UK website today for the best Kiwi-inspired homeware and home accessories UK wide.

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