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There you’ll find, at the top right of your screen, options to Log In or Create your Blizzard account. This account is shared among all Blizzard-made games: Diablo III, Hearthstone, Overwatch and Starcraft II. If you already own one of those games, you can use that account to play World of Warcraft too. Once you’re logged in, click under your user name on top right of your screen and go into Account Settings.Each Realm is &klo2ka different server where players can play.

While most activities inside the game can be done with characters from different realms together, if you know someone that already plays the game, or if you are starting to play together with someone, you should both select the same realm for the best experience. If you haven’t ever played other Blizzard games, or haven’t in a while, it will ask you to create your BattleTag. Gold.raiditem can offer you the latest WoW news and hot sale warmane gold. The BattleTag works as your account-wide nickname, not to be confused with your characters’ nickname. This nickname will be your cross-game identity for your account, people in your account’s friend’s list will see you as that nickname. You can only change your BattleTag once for free, afterwards you need to pay a free in order to do so, keep that in mind.

In order to change your current realm, hit the Back button on the character creation screen and then go to Change Realm on the top right corner. There you will find all available realms in your region. Be mindful that there are different Realm tabs, so the realm you’re looking for might be under a separate tab. Once you find or decide on a Realm, double click it on the list to connect to it. Never lose the chance to buy 100% cheap and safe warmane gold at gold.raiditem.Almost 99% warmane gold orders can be finished in 5mins.

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