Be sure your UAE Retirement Planning is in Place

According to the PWS Group of financial planners in the UAE they can assist all high net worth British expats with any queries and advice they may need in terms of their retirement planning in the UAE.

The company is well-known throughout the UAE and the region, they say, and therefore they are in a position to advise all clients about all their options and the best way to grow their wealth and manage their funds. They say that they can help all clients who near or reach retirement age, but a considerable number of their client portfolio is actually made up of much younger people – those who understand the value of starting to plan early on for the day that they retire.

According to the company their brokers are very experienced in dealing with expats who are looking to settle outside of Britain in their retirement years. They advise that they can help all clients, whether you need an existing plan to be updated, or a new one put in place. Once their broker has given the client the best advice and a decision is taken to work together on such a plan, the company will also offer their ongoing assistance and look after the client’s financial affairs in the future.

Some of the areas they cover when it comes to retirement, they say, concern various investment plans and pension transfers. According to the company their very experienced brokers have dealt with the finances of expats for many years and therefore they are well experienced to advise any client. They say their younger clients, especially, start very early on in their careers to invest in, for instance, offshore opportunities such as the Isle of Man and Jersey.

Other clients discuss their financial profile with the brokers and consider the investment advice they offer them, they say. Then, of course, there are those who have decided to live outside of the home country and need advice in terms of their pension transfers. The company says they have all the relevant knowledge of how to go about this – their brokers can assist with all aspects of retirement planning.

Managing Director Mr. Craig McConnon was quoted recently, “Because of our vast experience as financial advisors we are confident that we can offer sound advice to each and every one of our valued clients. For the best advice, call us.”

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