Gold.raiditem offers clash of clans gems & guides to level up characters

The game is based around building, and then protecting, a village and attacking the villages of others. As the game progresses — signalled by a higher level Town Hall, &klo2kthe centerpiece of the village — it becomes harder, more expensive, and longer. Buy clash of clans gems at gold.raiditem can be your best choice.

There are various types of defences (from the cannon to the X-Bow), various types of troops (such as the “hog rider” or Golem), different sets of “heroes” (unlocked at higher levels), and an assortment of other things that you will discover as you progress. Interestingly, the attacker doesn’t drive his bowlers into the center of the map but rather uses the bowler army to go the entire way round the moat before taking down the center Town Hall. A risky strategy you might think but he pulls it off with plenty of troops to spare. You can see the video here – it is definitely one of the best Max TH11 3 stars I’ve seen in the last few months:

You can see from the above video that the first thing that was required was patience. The attacker needed to be very patient before releasing the bulk of his bowler army. By using his Archer Queen to take down several defenses and crucially, the Eagle Artillery, he essentially gave his Bowlers an easy ride – and this was all done barely losing a troop. Buying coc gems at gold.raiditem without registration. Big bonus waiting for you!

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