Dental Plans vs Insurance Plans – What’s Right For You?

Avia Dental discusses the difference between dental plans and insurance plans to provide clients with the information that they need to identify what is right for them in 2018.

Avia Dental is a leading dental and discount plan specialist company that caters to individuals, families, groups and seniors throughout the United States. Thesis a very well-established company with years of industry knowledge and experience along with affordable dental and discount plans and top quality services that their clients can trust.

The company has a proven track record for their affordable dental plans, which start from as little as $8.25 per month. These affordable dental plans enable clients to save in the region of fifty percent off their next routine dental check up. The company advised that their plans are all of the highest quality and provide clients with the opportunity to save money at a nominal monthly premium which they can afford.

Avia Dental has an experienced team of professionals all of which have extensive industry experience and sound knowledge of the plans that they provide. The team works hard behind the scenes, working to the company’s exceptionally high standards to ensure that they provide their clients with the valuable advice, assistance and support that they need when it comes too their unique dental requirements.

This company advised that they provide clients with low cost dental plans, vision discounts and free prescriptions with more information readily available on their website. They work with ore than forty thousand participating dental professionals, all carefully approved to ensure that they have the finest credentials and will provide their clients with the best services in the long run. They also mentioned that they provide dental discount plans, which have no waiting period and guarantee acceptance for added convenience.

Karen Coffield, the president at Avia Dental said “Many people ask us which they should choose when it comes to their dental needs and there is a big difference when it comes to dental plans vs insurance plans. Dental discount plans, which is what we provide, is that we don’t pay anything to the dentist. In fact, we work with carefully selected participating dentists to provide clients with a discounted rate in return for an affordable monthly premium, which is why we are able to provide no waiting periods and guaranteeing acceptance. Insurance plans, on the other hand, is when the insurance company pays a percentage directly to the dentist. There is usually a waiting period before the insurance plan can be used.”

About Us: Avia Dental offers affordable dental and discount plans from as little as $8.25 per month. This company helps their customers save up to fifty percent, if not more, on their dental expenses with free prescription and vision discounts. The company guarantees acceptance and customers can start using their new plan straight away, there is no waiting times. Avia Dental works with more than forty thousand dentists throughout the United States, all of which have the finest credentials. Their plans include individual plans, groups, families and plans specifically designed for seniors. The company has been operating since 1994 providing access to high quality dental care to the US public. To find out more, visit

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