Ayurvedic Herbs For Hair Care

Have you ever noticed how men and women from India have such healthy hair? A month ago, I could not contain my curiosity and just had to ask one of our clients. Her answer was that they practice ayurvedic hair care. Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest medical systems and that stumped me since what do medicines have to do with great hair. She explains that the aim of Ayurveda is to integrate and balance the body, mind, and spirit. The belief is it helps prevent illness and promotes wellness. Since promoting wellness includes all components of our body ayurvedic hair care is part and parcel of it.


Ayurvedic hair care relies heavily on herbs and other plants-including oils and common spices. Two herbs that are usually found in ayurvedic hair care products are Eclipta alba and Gotu Kola. Eclipta Alba or “Bhringaraj” nourish the hair and help boost your fight to pressure. Brahmi, sometimes called Gotu Kola, also helps balance the mind and nourishes the hair and scalp. Hair ayurvedic assumes that the health, luster and color of hair depend on mind and body health as a whole. So Ayurvedic hair oil when applied to the scalp nourishes and strengthens the root plus herbal preparations for hair should also help with stress. Examples are Country Mallow, which strengthens the physiology, and Winter Cherry, which helps in de-stressing.


Ayurvedic hair care oil should be applied after warming. Pour oil into a bowl and place this in hot water to warm it to a comfortable heat. Make sure the oil is comfortable to touch before application. Take sufficient amount of oil and using the pads of finger apply oil little by little to different parts of the scalp. It is not advisable to use much force. Allow the oil to seep into the scalp. Massaging with circulation motion is recommended. When performing massage, slow and purposeful movements will relax the nervous system and calm the mind, where as steady and brisk movement will enhance circulation and energy. It is sensible to mix both type of movements.


Leave the oil on the scalp to the preferred amount of time, severity of disease and the season of application. The oil can even be left over night for better results. It is also desirable to apply oil to the ears, inside of both foot and back of scalp. A towel dipped in hot water can be warped around the head for added conditioning and softening of hair.


Washing the hair with natural gentle shampoo is advocated to remove the oil. Patanjali powder is an herbal shampoo powder with no chemicals can be used regularly to wash the hair. The process can be repeated according to disease conditions. Commonly used ayurvedic hair oils are Trichup oil, Dhathri hair oil, patanjali oil, ayurvedic hair care oil and patanjali coconut oil. Please visit patanjali ayurved for more herbal preparations.

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