Book a great End of Tenancy Cleaning Service in Richmond

Well-known cleaning company offers their service in London and surrounds

As an experienced cleaning service in and around the city and all areas such as Richmond, for example, West Clean advises that they are available for a host of cleaning jobs, also for those owners that need to have their properties spotless at the end of a tenancy.

Landlords want to hand over a sparkling property to the next tenant, and they are available to make sure it happens, West Clean says. The company mentions that they have worked with estate agents and landlords – and resident owners – for many years and they know that a clean property is a must when you take on new tenants.

That is one of the reasons estate agents often regard their services highly and call them first when they need to have a property cleaned at the end of a tenancy. They advise that their staff are well trained, friendly and professional – and they always arrive on time as they know landlords and owners are often busy individuals who have no time to waste waiting for cleaning teams.

They say they make sure they arrive with all their cleaning materials such as the biodegradable products they use. The company says that they take their instructions from the landlord and/or estate agents and make sure they clean everything properly.

According to the company their team is well organised and every member knows exactly what is expected of him or her and they ensure they stick to their schedule and the check-list according to which they carry out every task. They add that they do everything and no room in the house or apartment are missed.

They clean windows, they make sure carpets are fresh and clean when they leave, bathrooms and kitchens sparkle. You will find no dust or stains anywhere, walls are washed, ovens receive their attention and all tiled floors are mopped, they say.

The company adds that they offer their services on a once-off basis, but also as part of a contract. Very often landlords and estate agents find it easier to deal with one cleaning service and therefore they clean on a contract basis for them.

It suits both parties well, according to West Clean, since the owner gets to know the company and knows how they operate and the company themselves know what is expected of them and they don’t waste time with asking questions and being uncertain about anything.

Ms Fiona Light, Manager was quoted recently, “We are known as a trustworthy, very experienced service with regular clients all over London. Our cleaners know what they do and we are happy to say that we are available all the time – also on weekends and evenings. Talk to us for a great, professional cleaning service.”

About Us

At West Clean, we offer a host of excellent services that will suit anybody who needs a team of experienced cleaners that caters to all cleaning needs and budgets. Some of our services include homes, apartments and offices. Our cleaners are well trained and use biodegradable products. At West Clean, we pride ourselves on the quality of the work we deliver and in the high service levels we have become known for. We clean all areas of your home and we make sure that when we leave, everything sparkles. We clean carpets, windows, kitchen surfaces and all areas where dust collects over time. In fact, we clean every corner of your home or office. For more information about our services, please visit

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