Carter Bearings offer top Quality Angular Contact Thin Section Bearings

Leading firm advises they can assist clients from various industries who need thin section angular contact bearings

Carter Bearings is known throughout the UK and globally as a leading company in terms of the bearings they market to a great variety of clients. They also offer angular contact thin section bearings they say.

The company says the angular contact ball bearing is typically a bearing that consists of inner and outer ring raceways used in applications where axial loads are displaced in the direction of the bearing axis. Therefore they are very useful when combined loads need to be accommodated, according to the company.

Carter Bearings advise that these bearings are used in many applications from a great variety of industries that work in production and maintenance. They say their bearings are popular in the fields of aerospace, IT, transport, cryogenics, robotics, the nuclear industry and for steel applications, to name some.

They say that they understand the requirements of their regular clients and therefore they make sure they always have stock available. In the event that for whatever reason they may be short of stock for a limited period, they ask clients to check back regularly to see when the products are available once more.

According to the company they have noticed a great improvement in sales in this category of bearings recently and they check their stock supply regularly. They say these specific bearings help towards improving the work output in terms of which applications benefit from weight saving and less friction, which is exactly what is required form the quality bearing.

This, in turn, leads to better systems in one’s organisation and results ultimately in great cost savings. The company adds that not only these bearings are known for the great benefits they offer – most of their products do. That is why they always make sure they supply the best bearings to clients who will benefit from their association with them in this way.

A good relationship is created because of their outstanding products and service, and that leads to more business for them, they say. Everybody benefits and a typical win-win situation is cemented.

Erick Sloan of the company’s Technical Sales Department said, “All our bearings are tested constantly for quality purposes and we are delighted to say that our products meet the strictest demands in terms of quality that our industry requires. We are happy to say that our clients have the assurance that they only receive the best from Carter Bearings.”

About Us

Ever since 1999 Carter Bearings has been delivering products of a high quality and has become known for the bearings, bearing assemblies and linear products they provide for numerous clients globally. Because excellent service and outstanding products are the main pillars upon which we have built our success, we are in a position to serve all our valued clients and customers with a bespoke service that addresses their specific needs. We understand every aspect of our business and have great knowledge and experience of how bearings interact with applications. Therefore we can assist every individual client with his needs when it comes to finding lasting solutions. For more information about us, please visit

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