A Guide to Catholic Jewellery

Jewellery pieces are not just embellishments; they define your identity in many ways. The type of accessories you use determines who you are. Hence, Catholic jewellery can go a long way in strengthening your spiritual identity. Regardless of the occasion, whether you wish to commemorate an auspicious occasion or gift something to your loved ones, these jewellery items are lifetime investments. This jewellery guide will walk you through some of the variant accessories that will help you make a good selection.

Jewellery for Men

There are various kinds of items available for men in stainless steel and metals that will enable the wearer to emphasise his Catholic identity. (Information Credit: Holyart.co.uk)

  • Patron Saint Medals: The patron saint medals come in various designs and material and are suitable for all body types. Try out the Saint Christopher medals, Saint Benedict medals, or the Saint Michael medals in sterling silver or gold-plated finish to connect to your spiritual roots.
  • Crucifix Chains: Crucifixes, which are available in different metals, never go out of fashion. Whether you want to buy the ones on offer or wish to customise your pendants, these items of faith provide you with an excellent opportunity to promote your faith.
  • Rosary Neckpieces: In case you are not too fond of medals, you can opt for finer pieces like rosary neckpieces. Available in different materials, gold, silver and steel, these items are perfect for all occasions.
  • Amen Bracelets: These days, many such bracelets are found in both local and retail stores. Carved in unique designs, these bracelets are widely popular among the youths and adults for their personalised appeal.

Jewellery for Women

When it comes to Catholic jewellery for women, there is an array of items to choose from.

  • Prayer Rings: Prayer rings are must-haves for any devout Catholic. Crafted in exquisite designs, most of them feature Catholic prayers and emblems that help you lead a life centred on god.  
  • Sterling Silver Earrings: The sterling silver earrings come in dainty designs and can make an excellent style statement. Some of the common types of earrings found in the market include Amen earrings, Guardian angel earrings, rosary earrings, crucifix earrings, etc.   
  • Bracelets: Catholic bracelets for women are available in a variety of designs, from multi-image bracelets, dove bracelets to wood and rope bracelets.
  • Pendants: Nothing beats the charm of a beautiful pendant. Crafted in elegant designs, these items are suitable for all types of ensembles, regular or formal. If you are tired of the traditional rosaries and crucifixes, try out some of the bold pieces like Saint Benedict pendants and dove pendants.

Metal Guide

After you have chosen your type of jewellery, it’s time to decide the materials. All catholic accessories are made of anti-corrosive materials which can withstand rust and boast of high durability. The top three materials that are used in these items include gold, silver and stainless steel. While the gold jewellery items use copper, silver, nickel and zinc alloys and are slightly overpriced, the silver pieces use copper alloys and make a more affordable alternative.

There is no dearth of options when it comes to religious accessories. From medals, pendants, earrings to bracelets, there are plenty of items on offer that make fine accessories, provided you have made the right choice.

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