Driving Offence Solicitors UK Provide Advice On 12 Point Driving Ban

M&A Solicitors, driving offence solicitors UK, provide insight onto thee 12 point driving ban and what drivers needs to know.

M&A Solicitors is a leading criminal defence law firm which operates throughout the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man. This is a very well-established company that has been catering to criminal defendants since 2002 providing them with superior quality legal representation, years of knowledge and experience and a passion for helping clients secure the most favourable resolution based on their unique case.

This company advised that they provide their clients with a complete service from when the client is first accused through to resolution, whether in or outside of the court room. They advised that they work closely with the home office and provide a twenty four hour emergency service for those who find themselves in the back of a police car late at night or in the early hours of the morning.

M&A Solicitors handle regulatory, motoring, crime and immigration cases from gross negligence through to fraud and sexual offences to drink driving and more. They advised that their full range of services can be found on their easy and secure website which is overflowing with valuable information that their clients can use to help them identify if these are the right attorneys to meet their particular case requirements.

The firm mentioned that everyone in the United Kingdom that drives legally on the road can have points removed. Points are removed for all types of offences from speeding and drink driving to talking on your phone or careless driving. They advised that twelve points is the limit in which you can be banned from driving for a period of time.

During a recent interview, the senior partner at M&A Solicitors, Damien Morrison said “Anyone who gets twelve penalty points will have an endorsement on their driving license anywhere from four to eleven years. To be banned from driving in the United Kingdom you must have accumulated twelve points within a three year period, which will give you a six month ban, but this can increase to a twelve month ban if the drive has a second disqualification within the three year period and this increases to a two year ban if they have a third disqualification within a three year period.”

About Us: M&A Solicitors is a leading national criminal practice in the United Kingdom. This York based law firm is very well-established and has been catering to clients throughout the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and internationally since 2002. Started by Damien Morrison, the firm specialises in regulator, motoring, crime and immigration cases, assisting clients facing a number of charges from gross negligence to sex offences or immigration disputes to fraud. They handle the full case from the investigation stages through to the court proceedings. M&A Solicitors will work with the home office, they also provide the convenience of a twenty four hour emergency service. To find out more, visit http://www.maasolicitors.co.uk.

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