His authorityRambis FIFA Coins meanwhile

His authorityRambis FIFA Coins meanwhile is Jacksons preferred choice to keep the job because Rambis is more than willing to do things Jacksons way Since taking the job as Knicks president two years ago Jackson had mostly remained quiet and avoided ontherecord ments to the press Yet over the past few weeks hes had no qualms publicly

praising his longtime pal”He has a way of handling players” Jackson said of Rambis recently via the Daily News “Hes relaxed yet he has the ability to keep them focused on the important parts of it Hes a defensiveoriented guy I had him as my defensive coordinator for my teams in eight and nine And I think he has a real good handle on

that part So well see how they go”Rambis might have helped Jackson back in the Laker days but thus far his presence is making no positive impact on Jacksons current team The Knicks have scored points per possessions and surrendered since Rambis took over for Derek Fisher per NBA Prior to that point they were scoring and

allowing In the process Rambis has torpedoed Porzingis Buy FIFA Coins ascention frustrated Robin Lopez and made Carmelo Anthony appear even sadder about the Knicks situation In fact Anthony went out of his way to suggest that the Knicks must employ a wideranging coaching search following the seasonIf true this has left Knicks fans in the


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