Now enjoy the museum visit and Make your notes easily with Pollicino

Visiting the exhibition or any museum is quite interesting as to acquire the knowledge of the history and other things. Some of the people keep the keen interest in the past time things & other mysterious stuff and that what compels them to keep notes of the same. Earlier people use paper pen strategies to keep a record of the things. As with time everything gets changes and with the technology emerge, pen paper replaced with mobile devices. Technology introduces many things which make the human life comfortable and easy.

In that also mobile applications are playing an important role. It is possible to access everything through the mobile app. So your museum visit can also be made interesting with Pollicino mobile app.

The app is meant totally for those who love to acquire the knowledge of exhibitions and museum. In the app, the user can find lots of interesting features. Only you need to access it at the right time. Eventually, you can share your things with your friends and invite your friend to the exhibition also. Moreover, if you are exhibitor then also this app can be fruitful for you.

The app is working on the Beacon technology. You can take pictures and exhibitors contact to make the record of notes. All the crumbs will be appearing in the list form. The name, description & address of place will appear automatically and you can also add the information manually. With its QrCode, you can create your own totem.

Top Features:

  • Read NFC tags
  • Track Apple iBeacon, Eddystone, QrCode, GPS, Bluetooth BLE.
  • Supporting multimedia contents like video, audio, external links
  • Daily reports can be get
  • Creating crumbs automatically or you can create them manually
  • Easily combine with your business
  • iBeacon Simulator
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Customized features
  • Suited with all devices
  • Get nearby promotions and nearby events

Start your journey with Pollicino app to make your expo, one of the wonderful and memorable. Export all your important details in the PDF to share your knowledge with your close one.

Price: The app is free to download and install.

Availability: The app is available for Android and iOS both platforms.


Pollicino can be proved to be your true companion while visiting the exhibition or any museum. All the features are put as per the user convenience. Store your experience and knowledge of visit on your device with this stand tracker. Make your every stand memorable.



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