Don’t miss the SET registration deadline – apply now!

The closing date for SET registration is around the corner! April 14th, 2018 is the last date to register for your SET exam. If you haven’t yet applied, we are here to give you a quick guide informing you about the essentials about the application process.

Until last year, the Symbiosis admission to undergraduate courses comprised of different papers. These were called SET – Law, SET – Design, SET – General and SET – Engineering, for the respective UG degree courses subjects.

This year too, there are four paper, but these are known through different names – SLAT (previously known as SET Law), SIT EEE (previously known as SET Engineering), SEED (previously known as SET-Design) and SET General.

These will be held on the same day in two different sessions.

The SET exam for this year is going to be held on the 5th of May.


Up to April 14, 2018, candidates can register on the official SET website

Candidates wishing to appear for an extra paper must choose one paper from the morning session (that is, either SET-Law (SLAT) or SET-Design (SEED)), and/or one paper from the afternoon session (that is, either SET-General (SET) or SET-Engineering (SITEEE)). Candidates are advised to decide this while their online registration process is on. A new session of entrance test, after the application is saved and submitted, will not be added and the candidate will have to make a fresh registration.

Please make sure you make all changes to the online application form before this closing date. Except for test city preferences and admission category, no changes will be entertained after the closing date of Registration i.e. April 14, 2018.

After the closing date, no such changes would be permitted.

Requests to change the test city will not be entertained if the candidates have completed their online registration.

Additional Information:

For candidates wanting to sit for Engineering, who choose to put forward scores from any exam other than SIT EEE, do not need to register; they may directly apply to the respective institute.

Candidates should make sure that they have filled in the admission form with all the relevant and precise information. This is because no changes can be made after the form is submitted.

Candidates should also note that the SET-General/SLAT/SEED/SITEEE 2018 exams are only the first step of the entire admission process. This will be followed by specific, independent selection procedures of the respective SIU institutes. Candidates must familiarise themselves with the various admission processes of their respective institutes after the exam.

Hope this guide answers all your questions and queries about the admission process for undergraduate entrance exams for Symbiosis. So, apply now and good luck for the exam!


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