The Perks and Merits of using a B2B travel group for your corporate trips

B2B hotel booking portals in India are online web portals that enable and enhance the tedious process of booking and reserving lodging spaces for any and every kind of travel. Specially designed for the corporate sector, the websites are designed to deliver an easy, hassle-free and quick process of reservation for your upcoming trip. B2B travel websites work with the idea of distributing the work and thereby working efficiently. It works in collaboration with various hoteliers on one hand and the travel groups and agencies on the other hand. These very travel groups, agencies and partners associate them to several hoteliers. The process of connecting different travel agencies helps to divide the work of reservation and is a great way of providing various avenues to the small business groups.

An array of choices and options: – B2B travel engines provide an array of options for the consumers to choose from. Coupled with this are different sets of amenities and prices enabling the customers to pick and choose quite effectively? There is an added advantage of customization where the consumer can list his preferences and needs and the results are in accordance with the specifically mentioned details. This process, in turn, saves the extra time of surfing through hundreds of options that are available at the disposal of the customer.

Easy on the wallet and saves time: – The B2B travel portals are often available with a range of discounts, supplements and quite affordable prices that make the process of booking quite easy on the wallet. It is inclusive of all the additional taxes and therefore the prices offered is the final amount that the customer has to pay. Unlike physical hotel booking that is heavy on the pockets and also consumes a lot of the consumer’s time, B2B travel bookings are free from time constraints. The reservations can be done at any time of the day irrespective of national or festive holidays.

Payment Portals: – The B2b travel websites have a quite comprehensible and easy payment gateway that allows the consumer to book and pay online. The payment gateways are extremely safe and secure and one need not carry hefty amounts of cash to pay at the end of the trip. A safe and secure process, it can be easily availed at all hours of the day.

A flourishing business for small travel groups: – As discussed earlier, online hotel booking portal for corporates is a great way to provide multiple avenues for small travel groups and agencies to bloom and flourish. These online web portals are a platform where the travel groups can represent their work and collaborate with various hoteliers. It is also an added benefit for various hotels by saving them from contacting the customers individually and thereby is a channelized way of communication.


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