Global Membrane Microfiltration Market Trend, Share, Growth, Analysis – 2023


The global membrane microfiltration market is growing at a significant rate, due to increase in stringent water quality legislation. As the awareness about safety and health is growing among the consumers, certain standards of quality, considering safety and hygiene are being demanded by the consumers.

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The major trends observed in the global membrane microfiltration market are product development and cost-effective solutions. One of the major factors restraining the growth of the global membrane microfiltration market is high initial investment, which poses as significant barrier for the new entrants, who want to expand their product lines.

Microfiltration is used to apply dead-end filtration upon aseptic pharmaceuticals, sterile fruit juices and wine, and water. Microfiltration functions as a post-treatment for granular media filtration, and   pre-treatment for other separation processes, such as ultrafiltration.

In the process of membrane microfiltration, fluid is passed through membranes with very small pores for separating bacteria, micro-organisms, and suspended particles among others. The membranes are used in the pre-treatment for desalination technologies, such as nano-filtration and reverse osmosis.

On the basis of filtration modes, the global membrane microfiltration market can be categorized, as cross-flow filtration and direct-flow filtration. In cross-flow filtration, fluid is passed tangential to the membrane. In direct flow filtration, all the particles larger than pore sizes of the membrane, and all of the process fluid flows are stopped at its surface.

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Some of the competitors in the global membrane microfiltration market are Asahi Kasei Corporation, EMD Millipore Corporation, Culligan International Company, Koch Membrane Systems Inc., GE Water & Process Technologies, Applied Membranes Inc., EnviroTech Molded Products Inc., 3M Purification Solutions, Graver Technologies, Alfa Laval AB, Siemens Water Technologies Corp., and Merck Millipore Limited.

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