Thin, Weak and Lack-Lustre Hair Is a Problem of Most Men and Women

Thin, Weak and Lack-Lustre Hair Is a Problem of Most Men and Women

but Not Anymore With My Hair Secret’s Supplements

Preston, May 10, 2018 – Thin, weak and lack-luster hair is a problem that many women and men experience. They come in many forms and usually noticeable. It can also be a symptom of a medical concern in some cases. Men and women experiencing hair loss also suffer poor self-image due to a weak hair’s impact on their fashion sense.

To deal with the negative effect of weak and thin hair, hair growth supplements keeps popping here and there. These are supplements designed to help people grow thicker and healthier hair. While some are effective in promoting hair growth, others provide no way near enough nutrients to revive dull hair. Out of these many hair growth supplements, a UK-born product is making waves in the market.

My Hair Secret is a UK hair product made to help people suffering from thinning hair to grow thicker, lustrous and healthier hair. What set it apart from other hair growth products are its vegan ingredients and unique blend called “Lustalox” Lustalox is scientifically formulated with DHT inhibiting ingredients and strong antioxidants to help prevent hair fall and loss. This specially created product is perfect for middle-aged women who are suffering from thinning hair.

Many middle-aged women in the UK experience more of their hair falling out. Whether it is due to medical reasons, the environment, or stress, the more they lose hair equals to dented confidence. These women are suffering from diminished self-confidence, feeling conscious to go out and socialize. Most women with thinning hair have a single thought about losing their crowning glory, and that it is disturbing.

To women, their hair is their crown. A luscious, full and healthy hair made them beautiful, confident and assured of themselves even without the makeup or beautiful dresses. As such, losing hair is often hard. Usually, they try to carry on with life as normal as they can. They socialize and enjoy with their family, but they cannot help feeling self-conscious about their hair. In times like these, they look for solutions and treatments that can help restore their hair and their confidence. Among the many hair growth products available in the UK market is My Hair Secret, an all-natural supplement that reaches deep into the roots of the hair to nourish them. This supplement is a product created by a woman who, like many women, suffered from thin, weak hair and terrible hair loss.

Like many women, Emma has tried so many of the offerings available on the market. However, most of these products did not work for her and are not suitable for people with dietary issues or vegans. For that reason, she made it her mission to create a product that will tackle this very problem. Emma’s research found a possible link between hair loss and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which began the development of My Hair Secret.

After finding out how well her product worked on her, Emma decided to share it with others who are just like her. She created My Hair Secret and offered it to the hair-loss suffering women of UK. My Hair Secret is a 100% drug-free hair growth formula that both men and women can use. Of all the hair growth products in the market, it is the only one with Lustalox blend, which is designed to combat hair fall.

My Hair Secret is made in Yorkshire, within a BRC grade A facility. However, Emma’s main business is based in Lancashire. According to her, she is from the North, she wants to see their area and economy grow. She hopes that in the future when her business grows, it can bring a great contribution to the North by providing jobs and quality products in the area.

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