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Global Village Makes a Couple’s Dream Come True!


Spy Camera Catches Cat Burglar In The Act


Geneva, IL – Homeowner catches cat burglar with the use of hidden cameras and spy cameras.

Mary Wright returned home from work to her Ft. Lauderdale, Florida townhome to find things somewhat unfamiliar.

“Initially I thought I’d left a window open and the wind had blown things around, but I later found that was not the case,” said Mary.

There was more to it. The occurrences were becoming more and more frequent. Each time, also becoming more and more destructive. Items were missing and Mary started to feel unsafe in her own home. Mary recalled a friend telling her what she did when she was faced with a similar issue.

HuluMagazine’s New Segment: The New Season of Prison Break Releases

The long awaited Prison Break Season 5 is barely two months away, and of course everyone is looking for the appropriate and absolutely perfect platform to watch it on. Look no further than Hulu.

Although you have Hulu to watch the latest season of Prison Break in March, 2017, head over to to actually get prepared for what is to come.

Hulu magazine is an online magazine that claims “our audience is the priority. We provide them with things they need. Things they want to read. Things they are interested in. This is how our website is different from others.”


Joe Papagoda
New Haven, Connecticut

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Global Big data pharmaceutical advertising Market Size, Share, Strategy, Segmentation Forecast to 2027

Market Highlights:

Globally the market for Big data pharmaceutical advertising is increasing rapidly the main reason for this is the growth is the increase IT technology.

The factors that influence the growth of Big data pharmaceutical advertising market are the increasing use of emails, social media, increase in digitalization, increasing use of smart phones.

Major Key Players

  • Trinity Pharma Solutions (US)
  • TAKE Solutions Ltd (US)
  • Scio Health Analytics (US)
  • TCS (India)
  • CitiusTech Inc (US)
  • IBM (US)
  • SAS (US)
  • Wipro Limited (India)

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Wordrops an addictive word game help to improve vocabulary in a fun way.

A game that not only will keep you entertained but also will also make you think hard- Wordrops is the game for children and adults alike who love to challenge their brain. Designed with cool and mesmerising graphics, Wordrops is fun, addictive and very easy to use, but don’t be fooled by its simple interface, the game will definitely challenge your brain. And with this you have a high chance of winning a prize at the end of the month for playing the game! Read on to find out how.

Young @ce releases new hit single – dripping the sauce, featuring E. Rivers

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Media Contact
Young @ce, CEO & COO, Get Money Boy Ent.
(808) 468-2716

Young @ce releases new hit single – dripping the sauce, featuring E. Rivers
Producer, Entrepreneur and I.E Awards nominee, Young @ce, features E.Rivers in brand new single “dripping the sauce.”

JEANINE SMITH: THE LIFE OF AN ARTIST IN 2017 Grit and Determination Marks The Spirit Of The True Artist


Grit and Determination Marks The Spirit Of The True Artist

New York, New York, United States of America – January 2nd, 2017 – What’s a

Grammy-nominated songwriter with a Songwriter’s Hall of Fame Award for Excellence in Songwriting to do when the thrill of collecting royalty checks for over a decade going to do?

Memphis attorney Michael Montesi’s debut book, “Show Me The Money: 5 Things You Need to Know After Any Car Accident” out now

Memphis, Tennessee – December 1, 2016 – Memphis attorney Michael Montesi, of law firm Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi, has just released his debut book, “Show Me the Money: 5 Things to know After Any Car Accident.”(

In “Show Me The Money”, Montesi provides five essential tips on how to handle the aftermath of a car accident, along with 3 worksheets to help accident victims collect the information they need to build a strong case against the at-fault party.