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Whodini Blak To Release Debut Independent Endeavor Tomorrow





Whodini Blak To Release Debut Independent Endeavor Tomorrow


Tomorrow, Monday, February 27th, the rising independent hip hop artist Whodini Blak will release his debut studio effort, a dynamic single entitled ‘Built 4 Greatness .’ The release marks Blak’s first solo commercial single, since he has previously recorded mixtapes and worked in various collaborations. The track will be released via Only One Media Group, Blak’s own indie label and publishing c ompany.

New txtNation SMS Service for Helpdesk and CRM

SMS Support (aka Text Support) and SMS Customer Relationship Management, universally compatible with multiple platforms, is a newly launched txtNation service.

The service integrates directly with most support platforms such as Zendesk, Zoho Support and Oracle and CRM providers such as Salesforce, Sugar, Sage CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide a seamless integration to work alongside, in addition to, or instead of email support. Similarly the service can be used with any platform that uses emails for one or 2-way communications such as recruitment or bulk email management platforms.

Western New York Independent Label Three 2 Go Music Announces the Worldwide Release of Three New Albums from J-Bella, Omeri, and E-Life 7


Buffalo, New York – Based just outside of Buffalo, NY in the small town of Williamsville, Three 2 Go Music is delivering on their slogan, “Independent and Proud.” This powerhouse music label and publishing company is excited to introduce three diverse new releases to the international music stage in 2017: J-Bella All For Nothin; Omeri Day Dream’n; and E-Life 7 Featuring Mike Pennick Miked Up. All from Western NY, each artist has a unique musical style and sound. Although Buffalo is known for being the home of the late funk legend Rick James, these artists share a common passion for music while carving out new musical paths that are each their own. All for Nothin, Day Dream’n, and Miked Up will release worldwide March 24, 2017, in stores and online.

5x127mm Wheel Spacers Features & Details

Wheel spacers widen your car’s wheelbase, improving grip, handling, and precision.

Made from a special aluminum alloy, Sparco wheel spacers are forged from an innovative process that produces a high strength-to-weight ratio. Each wheel spacer is then put through a CNC-machine to obtain an extremely flat surface. All wheel spacers are heat-treated to further increase strength and anodized to guarantee protection from oxidation.

Increases Fender Clearance. If you’re running the factory JK wheels with a set wider tires you may encounter wheel rub, but a set of RedRock 4×4 1.5″ wheel spacers will increase the fender to wheel clearance to prevent this rubbing issue. As an added bonus RedRock 4×4 1.5″ wheel spacers will give your Jeep a wider track for a more rugged appearance.

Little Guests of Global Village to Enjoy 20 days of Special Activities at ‘Kids Fest’

For its 21st season, Global Village, the region’s first-ever multicultural festival park, is launching its ‘Kids Fest’ festival in its second season with a brand new program of activities aiming towards the enjoyment of kids. The multicultural festival park has announced a series of specially created activations, games and entertainment for its young guests from the 5th to the 25th of February.

Fun and festive times await the family during this season’s ‘Kids Fest’ which will be taking place across Global Village, with activities including face painting, and  giving children an opportunity to  run into their favourite characters as well as , entertainers such as the balloon modelers, who will turn colourful balloons into floral and animal shapes and face painters.

Up And Coming Music Artist Dami D To Hit The Music Market


On May 21st, 1982 a Jamaican star was born. Damion Hopeton Watson, known by his stage name as Dami D, bust out onto the music scene in 2000 when he was signed to M-Phatic Records on a one year contract. At the age of 17, Dami D performed at multiple stageshows around the island.

The young artist recorded several songs and collaborated with Marvin Clarke (Wasp), Earl Pollack (Raw Raw aka Bazra God), Otis Fagan (Rholin X), Fras Fusion, and Joseph Elliot (Zedi Jah Secret), and producers, such as Steven Ventura and Mikey Irvin.In 2001, Dami D was hailed by the Jamaican Daily Gleaner as being in the running for superstardom. By this time, he had compiled a number of original songs such as “Dun Wid Dem” and “No More War”.

New Book Presents Substantial Evidence of Life After Death

A distinguished University of Virginia professor reports that his studies show the brain influences consciousness but does not create it, and that consciousness has been shown to continue for at least some individuals when the brain is no longer able to function.

Bruce Greyson, M.D., The Chester Carlson Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia is quoted in a newly-released book from The Oaklea Press as having said, “The nineteenth century, materialist view that the brain in some miraculous way we do not understand produces consciousness discounts or ignores that consciousness in extreme circumstances can function very well without a brain.”

New Documentary Turns Japanese Cats Into Feline Film Stars

BRISBANE, Australia – 20th Feb 2017 – Cat fanatics everywhere rejoice! A new documentary that takes viewers on a journey into the unique, often bizarre world of Japanese cat obsession is set to release at the end of April.


The film, “Cat Nation: A Film About Japan’s Crazy Cat Culture” is the latest documentary from filmmaker Tim Delmastro. The film explores the Japanese fascination with cats, from cat-scented hygiene products to cats with human jobs and everything in between.


“While travelling through Japan, everywhere I looked cats were being used in really odd and creative ways” says Tim.

How-To Junkie Is Bringing Out Anybody’s A-Game to Be Mentally Strong


San Francisco, CA – Whether speaking of peak physical shape, academic achievement, or professional accomplishment, ranking high amongst peer groups and other candidates is as important as ever. Competition is alive and well in nearly every arena, and no matter what the driving force towards successes, many are looking for an edge.

When personal determination doesn’t drive the conviction to be the best, the way of the world still can. The “Wall Street Journal” has profiled companies that would rather be understaffed by 80% than to hire those who don’t meet qualifications and pass certain pre-hire assessments, and a mere 30% acceptance rate is considered high for law school admittance. Many barriers exist on the path to superior status gained through achievement and, unfortunately, the individual is often one of those barriers; occasionally, the largest.