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Release of Rang ka Dariya Video Album by Dr. Hari Om IAS

Release of Rang ka Dariya Video Album

Famous ghazal singer and IAS Dr. Hari Om is going to release his fourth album Rang ka Dariya on 21 January 2018 at Novotel Hotel Gomti Nagar Lucknow. The album consists of total 6 ghazals in which 5 ghazalzs are written by Dr. Hari Om and one ghazal by Ex IAS Anees Ansari. “Ro chuke jinke liye rona tha, khatam ashkon ko kabhi hona tha” is one of the ghazal from album Rang ka Dariya which will be release tomorrow. He is a huge fan of Mehdi Hassan, K. J. Yesudas and Ilaiyaraaja. He loves the songs of Sadma ‘Ae zindagi gale laga le’ and ‘Surmayi akhiyon me’.
He is a man with golden soul and is polite in nature. His harmonious voice has bewitched all its listeners. He is widely known as a ghazal singer in Lucknow, India. He came to the spotlight when he released his new song  Socha Na Tha Zindagi online and his music albums include Intisaab and Roshani Ke Pankh etc. Even in the busy office schedules, the officer makes it a point to do his ‘riyaz’ for at least two hours every day. The rest of the free time is spent in writing and compositions, he added. He is a graduate from the University of Allahabad and post-graduate from Jawaharlal Nehru University. He was attracted to the world of songs from his childhood.

Reliable Gutter Services

Clayton and Fayetteville, NC

Rain gutters that aren’t properly maintained can become a major problem, so when you need an expert to install your gutters, give us a call at Got Gutters? LLC.

Our knowledge of gutter systems, plus our experience in construction, give us the expertise and skill to handle any of your gutter needs.

From installing a new system to performing regular cleanup of your existing gutters, we will create a customized service plan that will keep your gutters looking and performing as they should.

Welcome To Clear Creek Family Dentistry

Family & Cosmetic Dentistry In Killeen

At Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we are committed to providing patients of all ages with comprehensive dental care to ensure the health and aesthetic appearance of their smiles. Dr. Rohini Singh and her team offer compassionate preventive and restorative dentistry in Killeen and throughout the surrounding communities.

Services for the Whole Family

When it comes to you and your family, quality dental services are a necessity. Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry emphasizes the health and cosmetic appearance of your smile through gentle and minimally invasive treatments. The services we provide include:

Employee Financial Wellness And Its Impact On Canadian Businesses

No matter what business you’re in or how many people work for you, your employees are likely among your key assets. Your business probably wouldn’t be successful without them. And your business functions best when they are at their best.

Through research carried out in 2014, Manulife has established that there is a strong relationship between personal financial wellness, physical and emotional health, and productivity. We are of the view that to keep employees engaged, and to keep productivity optimal, employees need to be physically and emotionally healthy, and they need to be financially well, too.

‘All in one’ Carol driving platform set to make the lives of UK drivers easier


‘All in one’ Carol driving platform set to make the lives of UK drivers easier

Carol is an interactive, ‘one-stop-shop’ car management service that will allow users to purchase insurance, schedule servicing and MOTs, track and make vehicle tax payments and analyse their driving via real-time telematics – all through a single, online platform.

A new platform is currently under development that is aimed at car owners who want to streamline their ownership and gain a deeper understanding of their motoring costs. Carol is an interactive car management service that will allow users to purchase insurance, schedule servicing and MOTs, track and make vehicle tax payments and analyse their driving in real time, all through a single, online platform. It is anticipated that Carol will be launched later in 2018.

Choose Good to Go for Your Packing and Moving Needs

Are you moving from Calgary to Lethbridge and are looking for a trusted a moving company that can help you out with relocation, then you must consider Good to Go for it. Relocating to a new place altogether brings lot of stress to an individual. Things involved with relocation such as packing up things, unpacking them and arranging them in a new place can be very exhausting. That is why one should choose professional movers and packers who are highly experienced with this work and are certified as well. Good to Go is exactly the place where your search should end when it comes to finding skilled movers. For more information, Visit here.

5 Steps to Consider Legal Money Lender Singapore

legal money lender singapore

We often turn to a legal money lender Singapore hoping to get some financial support to escape a bill or a fiscal bind. So as to begin with the process, the guide below will help any new applicant undergo the new lending procedure.

1.Total amount of money you need

Applicants must know the complete amount of money that’s needed prior to searching for a creditor or completing an application. This will help the lender get the approval status that’s required.

CAMEO PHOTOGRAPHY LONDON Offers Professional Wedding Photography Services And More!

CAMEO PHOTOGRAPHY LONDON (, one of London’s top wedding photography experts, is committed to providing high-definition images of your special event. Aside from weddings, they can also cover and capture the best moments in corporate gatherings, parties, and other occasions.

During big and one-time events like wedding, one of the best ways to preserve memories is to take good pictures of every scene, moment, and people. It’s important that these photos are taken at the right time, lighting, and angle. This way, it’ll be possible to capture the emotions or excitement of everyone on such a special occasion. The photographers from CAMEO PHOTOGRAPHY LONDON can expertly do all these things, and this makes them among the most trusted wedding photography experts in London.

What services can Andrew & Andrew offer as a family solicitors?

[Hampshire, 18/01/2018] – Andrew & Andrew are around to offer help at every stage of life. They offer the services of a family solicitors in many different areas. Sometimes it is not enough to engage a general solicitors for family matters. Andrew & Andrew are a firm that offers a broad range of services, covering all aspects of the work of family solicitors, to ensure coverage in the following areas and more: