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Levodopa Market Moving Toward 2026 With New Procedures

Coherent Market Insights added Latest Research Report titled “ Levodopa Market by Application (Parkinson’s disease and Dopamine Responsive Dystonia), by Drug Type (Rytary, Duopa, Sinemet, Canamet, and Others), by Distribution Channels (Hospital Pharmacies, Retail Pharmacies, and Online Pharmacies) and by Geography (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa) – Size, Share, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis 2018 – 2026. ” to its Large Report database.

Portering Chair Market : Estimated to Record Highest CAGR by 2026

Portering chairs are used to transfer patients in the hospital for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes or to specialized units of the hospital such as the Emergency Department (ED), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and operating theatres. Portering chair are also useful for individuals with some risk of pressure damage to lower body and in patients suffering from diseases such as neurological conditions, kyphosis, oedemas legs and/ or fluid build-up, stiffness or fixtures at hips, and with limited extension at the knees.

The global Portering Chair Market size was valued at US$ 544.8 million in 2017 and is expected to witness a CAGR of 6.2% over the forecast period (2018 – 2026).

Bone Sonometer Market Equipments Details by Clinical Experts 2018-2026

The global Bone Sonometer Market sizewas valued at US$ 864.3 million in 2017, and is expected to witness a CAGR of 5.32% over the forecast period (2018 – 2026).

Bone Sonometer is a noninvasive method of estimating bone mineral status at peripheral skeleton. In addition to bone density, this method also provides qualitative data such as structural information, which is important in detecting fracture risk. Major advantage of this technique and devices used under it are, it is safe as no radiation is used, easy to use even at home care settings, and cost-effective as compared to other techniques used to determine bone density. These devices are portable and take only a fraction of minutes to measure bone density. Bone sonometers are especially used to assess the bone mineral status in children, neonates, and pediatric patients, who cannot be exposed to radiation and who are likely to develop osteoporosis in the near future, due to nutritional deficit.

Microneedle Flu Vaccine Market To See Incredible Growth By 2026

Vaccine is one of the most important biologic product used to prevent from infection of various diseases such as seasonal influenza, hepatitis, polio, diphtheria, Japanese encephalitis, measles, meningococcal disease, tetanus, haemophilus influenza type b, whooping cough among others. Vaccine consists of inactivated or killed form of microorganism or its protein. Vaccine generates anti-body response, which stimulates the immune system against specific diseases. Any future infections due to microorganism can be prevented by vaccinating the patients against that specific disease. Most of the vaccines are delivered through conventional needle and syringes, which has certain challenges such as needle phobia, discomfort in older and pediatric populations, requirement of special storage infrastructure, and need to visit the healthcare facility for its administration.

Poliomycetes Vaccine in Dragee Candy Market Trends Research And Projections For 2018-2026

Poliomyelitis is an acute communicable disease of humans caused by human enterovirus called poliovirus. Poliovirus is transmitted from one person to another by oral contact, with secretions or fecal material from an infected person. Wild type poliovirus cases have been decreased by over 99% since 1988, according to World Health Organization (WHO), March 2018 report. Though most of the countries such as the U.S. and India are polio free still endemic transmission of virus is continuing in Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan, owing to failures in implementing strategic approaches such as proper immunization. These factors are demanding for newer poliomycetes vaccines for disease treatment, which is expected to drive growth of the market.

Interspinous Process Decompression Devices Market Revenue Growth Predicted by 2018-2026

Interspinous process decompression device also called as interspinous spacer are medical implants used for treatment of spinal stenosis. This devices are intended to reduce the spinal pain via positioning between the vertebrae through minimally invasive surgical procedures. Interspinous process decompression device are one of the types of dynamic stabilization devices used for non-fusion spinal surgery, designed to be permanently implanted between two interspinous processes in lower spine without attaching screws or hardware to the bone or ligaments.

Interspinous Process Decompression Devices Market – Drivers

Medical Automation Market Revenue Growth Predicted by 2018-2026

Medical automation is a technology used to minimize medical errors, promote better management of chronic illness, and to enable healthcare professionals to anticipate prognosis. It controls the diagnostic, monitoring, and therapeutic machineries that serves the major responsive tasks into the hospitals. It also increases the predictability of outcome when patients follow a standardized care path supported by automation.

Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis Market to Reap Excessive Revenues by 2026

Dialysis therapy includes hemodialysis to purify the blood using an artificial kidney (dialyzer) and peritoneal dialysis to purify the blood through one’s own peritonea. There are two types of dialysis which are hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis involves purification of the blood by removing waste products and extra fluid with the help of dialyzer membrane and the purified blood is returned into the body. Peritoneal dialysis involves purification of the blood by using the patient’s own peritoneum as a dialysis membrane. Patients with chronic kidney diseases are generally kept on dialysis and normal kidney function can only be achieved through kidney transplantation.

Artificial Kidney Market Value Projected to Expand by 2018-2026

Artificial kidney is a state of art technology currently under development, which can replicate the work of real kidney and potentially eliminate the need for dialysis. An artificial kidney would deliver continuous blood filtration to the patients whose kidney is severely damaged and not in working condition. Artificial kidney would reduce chronic kidney disease and increase the quality of life for patients. Developing an artificial kidney would be revolutionary advancement in medical device industry and could fulfil a chronic shortage of kidney donor required for transplant.

Artificial Kidney Market Drivers

Nuclear Imaging Equipment Market Shows Expected Growth from 2018-2026

Nclear imaging allows physicians to diagnose and treat various diseases with the help of radiopharmaceuticals and gamma cameras. It offers valuable medical information to help diagnose a disease in its early stages. Nuclear imaging equipment provides promising prognosis, thereby allowing patients for early treatment to save additional therapy cost.

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