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Hotel Bookings for Corporates – Practical Tips

Anyone who has ever booked a hotel for business purposes knows that it is a task that needs a lot of research. If you have been unfortunate enough to get into the situation of booking a wrong hotel for your business trip, you would clearly know how important it is. Once you are there to get business dealings done, you cannot afford to struggle with the basics that could have been well sorted before you even started your travel. If you are booking a hotel on behalf of someone else, there has to even more care to be put in choosing a suitable hotel option.

Corporate Travel – Is It Time to Centralize Your Program Again?

The recent past has seen various changes in corporate travel. The most important and significant one being the advent of easy access to airfares and hotel prices via internet. Since more and more corporate travellers found value and better control over their schedules by using internet to book, many organisations started opting for their employees to book their travel on their own. This step however led them to lose quite a bit of control and finances and a loss of productivity too.

Global Train And Components Manufacturing Market Is Valued At $159 Billion In 2017 According to TBRC’s Latest Report

The train and components manufacturing industry comprise of establishments manufacturing and rebuilding, gauges, frames and locomotives parts and railroad cars.

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The global train and components manufacturing market is valued at $159 billion in 2017 due to the expected increase in demand for rail transportation, particularly in developing countries.

The train and components manufacturing market in The Business Research Company’s report is segmented into two segments, namely locomotives, wagons, & other rolling stock and parts & accessories for railway vehicles. While the first segment accounts for nearly, three-fifth of the market share, the remaining share is attributed to the parts & accessories for railway vehicles segment.

Global Transportation Manufacturing Market Is Valued At $8 Trillion In 2017 According To TBRC’s Latest Report

The transport manufacturing industry is one of the key segments of the global manufacturing industry. This industry manufactures vehicles which are used for transporting goods and people. Production of various vehicle components is also included in this industry.

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The transportation manufacturing market is valued at $8 trillion in 2017. This can be attributed to the positive economic outlook, increasing demand for transportation services owing to rapid urbanization and advancements in technology. Asia Pacific was the largest region in the transportation manufacturing market in 2017, accounting for two-fifth of the market share.

Why you’re Business Needs Corporate Travel Management

Do you as a manager constantly find yourself sending off employees to conventions, networking events and sales meet all around the country? Chances are the process is a bit stressful for you and you have already tried various techniques to make things easier at your end. But if your corporate travel has not yet been streamlined in spite of all the planning and implementation that you do, it is quite understandable. Considering the size of your operation, organising travel can be a daunting task. That is the prime reason why you should hire a corporate travel management firm. A corporate travel management firm will have the required expertise and experience and your will be surprised at how much time and money you can save on your travel operations by a allowing a profession to handle things.

The Importance of B2B Marketplace in travel industry

Business-to-Business (B2B) in travel industry is a great business concept which involves nearly every internet based solution to accommodate and assist building new relationships between clients and hotels worldwide. It serves as a great venue for all service providers like airlines, hotels and others to convene all year long and at the same time reduce cost as compared to the traditional way to make business. Through b2b corporate travel portals corporates can easily exchange communication and information with other businesses.

Here are the advantages of getting online and tying up with a b2b travel website:

Why Travel Agents Want To Develop Online Travel Portals

In today’s world of extreme competition in travel business, travel agents are looking at ways to create an online travel portal like that of big market players. This holds true especially in case of B2B market players as creating a corporate travel portal is essential to run a successful business. An online portal seems like the best option to fetch information about a destination of your preference along with relevant packages and costs of flights, hotel rates and policies.

The need to have an online travel portal

Boost Your Travel Business with B2b and B2c Travel Portal

Development of a strong online portal for corporates is a task that needs some firm capabilities on various levels. Whether you talk about planning the right database or guest user interface design, or a link with suppliers of travel related services, there are numerous tasks that have to be accomplished.

Booking through a corporate travel portal comes with its own benefits. While a B2B is most suitable for transactions that involve dealing with another business, a b2C on the other hand deals with end user clients. Travel portals are the next generation platforms that effectively deliver innovative and easy bookings on the web. It is no surprise that most of the established businesses of the world are greatly influenced due to B2B travel portals by getting higher revenues and enhanced relationships with their customers and partners.

The Global Hotel And Other Travel Accommodation Market Is Valued At $855 Billion In 2017 According To TBRC’s Latest Report

The hotel and other travel accommodation industry provides short-term accommodation, meals and other guest services for travellers and tourists. Establishments in this industry may include hotels, other travel accommodations, resort hotels and others.

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The reason for the hotel and other travel accommodation market being valued at $855 billion in 2017 is the increasing use of social media and access to mass media, making people aware of the tourist destinations and recreational experiences. North America was the largest region in 2017, accounting for nearly two-fifth of the market share.

What Are the Benefits of a Travel Management Company?

With so much advancement in terms of technology, like the internet, smartphones and various other tools, we are living in a world of instant knowledge and solutions. Self-sufficiency is on an all-time high and so is the rate of corporates booking their travel needs online on their own behalf. With such ease provided by online travel services, it is quite fair to ask that what is the benefit that a travel management company offers anyway. While it all seems easy and efficient to merely click and few buttons and get done with the booking, but if you dive in a bit deeper and consider the overall profitability and efficiency, an online travel booking and travel management is an overall better solution for corporates who are already busy running their business.