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Innovative Hotel Designing

In the hotel industry guests are looking for more ‘inside the hotel’ experiences. This demand is driving hotel managers to ensure that all parts of their hotels are as welcoming as the lobby. This has brought in more innovations to design and aesthetics involving more comfortable and accommodating spaces. Vibrant colored interiors and access to the internet at every location is common. For example, Starwood Hotels and Resorts is testing a variety of inventive amenities, including smart floor tiles, smart mirrors and giving guests the ability to program their in-room lighting, music and coffee maker from a smartphone to give consumers more customization over their stay

The future of the boutique hotels

While boutique hotels, also called independent or lifestyle hotels, were possibly written off 10-15 years ago, it’s undeniable that these hotels are back in favour. In fact, boutique hotels are on their way to becoming the fastest-growing segment in the lodging industry.

According to recent data, the supply of lifestyle hotels grew by over 7% in 2012, but in 2017, growth for this sector was recorded at an impressive 11.5%. Between November 2015 and October 2017 bookings at boutique hotels in the US grew 43%, according to 1010data.

Let’s Talk Travel Advises Top Wedding Holiday Deals for 2018

Let’s Talk Travel has announced the most popular choices for wedding holiday deals in 2018.

Let’s Talk Travel is a leading online travel specialist based in the United Kingdom. This established company has been catering to clients since 2014 helping them turn their dream holiday into a reality with their tailored holiday solutions that clients can rely on and trust.

The company offers an extensive range of holiday packages to meet their clients unique holiday needs and budgets. Catering to couples, families and groups, the company’s range of deals are guaranteed to delight everyone, ensuring everyone secures the perfect holiday that they are looking for.

Let’s Talk Travel – Your Personal Holiday Planner Online

Let’s Talk Travel remains a leading holiday planner online in 2018.

Let’s Talk Travel is a leading online travel specialist company that has been catering to clients since 2014. This established United Kingdom based company has a passionate team who want to help their clients turn their dream holiday into a reality at a price they can afford.

The company’s small and dedicated team have all travelled extensively and are excited to help their clients enjoy the same experiences that they have experienced. With a passion for superior quality, the team work hard behind the scenes, working to high quality standards to ensure their clients always have access to the best holiday deals and the best possible prices.

Biometric Vehicle Access System Market 2018 Overview, Cost Structure Analysis, Growth Opportunities and Forecast to 2025

Biometric vehicle access system is a technology developed for automated access to a vehicle based on behavioral or physiological characteristics. It is used for verification and recognition of a manual access for better anti-theft protection and sense of comfort and safety for car owners. The biometric vehicle access system technology is user-friendly, reliable, and convenient.

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This report focuses on the Biometric Vehicle Access System in global market, especially in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa. This report categorizes the market based on manufacturers, regions, type and application.

How long do you need in Pokhara?

Pokhara is one For a few weeks but just as easily stay In a couple of days. We remained here 12 days which was perfect. It gave us time to enjoy the outside, yet nevertheless, relax and revel in the slower pace coming from Kathmandu. We’d suggest a minimum of 5 times to take advantage of everything on offer, not including any treks (include 4 to 22+ times on for that).


Female business travellers: A demographic you can’t risk ignoring

About a year ago, the corporate world, government and the movie industry (especially in the United States) were caught off guard and stunned by revelation after revelation of sexual misconduct by well-known figures. The world today is more aware now about improper behaviour by men, particularly by those in positions of authority or power, and many courageous women are to thank for vocalising their experiences through the #metoo movement.

Now, we’re not getting political in today’s AP Voice, but it is timely to think about the needs of the female business travellers (some of which relate to safety) and how independent hotels can meet the needs of this rising demographic.

Looking For A Liquor Shop Nearby? Shop Online!

Many alcoholic beverage manufacturing companies are increasing their customer base through e-commerce platforms. The increasing use of internet and ecommerce platforms among consumers facilitates online alcoholic drink sales and also gives companies access to new markets without heavy investment in distribution channels. Alcohol ecommerce is a well-developed market in European countries such as UK, Germany, France and Italy. Some companies such as Pernod Ricard, a French distilled beverage manufacturing company, has its own digital platform for selling alcohol in the UK and France, and is utilizing relationships with ecommerce giants such as Amazon to further increase sales.

Space Tourism – Yes, it’s Possible!

The guided missile and space vehicle manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly dynamic and innovative, with more number of private players entering the industry. Commercialization of space vehicles and guided missiles manufacturing is a growing trend within the industry. There was a time when government space agencies alone were driving the world’s dream of exploring outer space. But that has changed over the past few years. A number of private space companies have entered the market with ambitious plans to build rockets and colonize new planets – SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin being the most well-known names.

Effective Ways to Save Money on Hotel Booking

In today’s world of extreme global expansion , many global organisations are going an extra mile to fulfil their social obligations. Travel today has become more of a necessity than luxury and is slowly becoming a part of life to solve a purpose of business or taking a break from the everyday monotony. In either of the cases, finding a suitable accommodation option that suits your requirements , timings and the budget has become a major concern and we are often seen wondering how to save extra bucks on hotel stays when travelling from one place to another. Here is a list on how you can make your hotel stays much more enjoyable and affordable – both at the same time: