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Cloud Computing Market Statistics, Analysis, Share, Size And Forecast

Cloud computing is an internet-based computing that provides access to processing resources and data to other shared computers and devices on demand. Users and enterprises can have capabilities to store and process data at data centers that are privately owned or operated by third-party vendors.

These data centers are located at various locations, which offer access to data from anywhere in the world. The implementation of cloud computing has reduced the up-front infrastructure costs, achieved coherence, and provided convenience & flexibility. In addition, it helps businesses to focus on their core businesses and spend less resources on computer infrastructure. Moreover, it offers key benefits such as low maintenance, improved manageability, and faster runtime of applications.

Global Hybrid Cloud Market to Expand and reach USD 138.61 billion in 2022


Global Hybrid Cloud Market By Type (Software, Hardware, Services), Models (Iaas, PaaS, SaaS), Industry, Geography, Trends, Forecast (2017-2022)


The hybrid cloud market is projected to reach USD 138.61 billion in 2022 from the current value of USD 40.62 billion at a CAGR of 22.70% during the forecast period 2017-2022, which is a lot faster than the overall IT market. With the rise in various concerns such as cost efficiency, security, direct accessibility to information, disaster recovery, scalability and flexibility, many of the organizations are looking for a cloud based service which addresses their concerns. Hybrid Cloud services have proven to be the major contributors in satisfying the companies with such needs. Hybrid cloud, an integrated computing service is a conjuncture of both private and public models, enabling the utilization of the benefits from both the services, giving flexibility to the company to switch between a public cloud and a private cloud by adopting various software tools.

Cloud Computing Market – Technology, Current Trends and Key Drivers

MarketResearchReports.Biz has announced addition of new report “Strategic Focus Report – Cloud Computing: Technology And Market Trends” to its database.

This Strategic Focus report analyses the current trends, drivers, and inhibitors impacting the cloud computing market. The report outlines the evolution of cloud computing solution, and identifies and assesses the best performing vendors in the market. This report also presents Kable’s view of the revenue opportunities in the cloud computing market through to 2018, highlighting the market size and growth by technology, geography, sector, and size band. Moreover, following in-depth ICT decision maker surveys, the report outlines enterprises’ investment priorities in the cloud computing segment.

Explore Current Environment And Future Outlook For Cloud Computing Market

MarketResearchReports.Biz has announced addition of new report “Current Environment And Future Outlook For Cloud Computing” to its database.

“Current environment and future outlook for cloud computing” is a new report by Kable that globally analyzes usage status, preferred types, key drivers, and major challenges associated with cloud computing, apart from identifying cloud computing services which are currently used and planned for implementation over the next 12 months. This report also examines the annual procurement budget allocation for cloud computing and highlights projected cloud computing budget patterns for 2014–2015 across industries.

Key Findings

Innovations in Technology and Cloud Computing Market Trends to Experience Sustainable growth until 2018

Albany, New York, January 19, 2017: In today’s business environment, cloud computing has helped many enterprises transform themselves over the past few years. Several companies in a broad range of industries are utilizing cloud-based software and platforms to streamline processes, lower complexity and better visibility. Currently, with the growing utilization, the market and new improved technologies in coup computing is also accelerating its demand rapidly. This has been studied by a new study of Kable Market Research entitled as “Strategic Focus Report- Cloud Computing Market”, that has been added to the report database of Market Research Hub (MRH). The report offers Kable’s viewpoint on the revenue prospects in the market until 2018, underlining the market size and growth by technology, geography, sector and size band.

Global Cloud Computing Market Overview, Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis, Growth Opportunities & Restraints to 2027

Market Highlights:

The major growth driver of Cloud Computing Market includes growing demand for technologically upgraded services, growing expansion of professional and managed services and increasing awareness about cost-effective cloud services among others.

However, data security is one of the major factors which are hindering the growth of Cloud Computing Market.

Major Key Players

  • Amazon Web Services LLC (U.S.)
  • Microsoft Corporation (U.S.)
  • IBM Corporation (U.S.)
  • Google Inc. (U.S.)
  • Akamai Technologies Inc. (U.S.)
  • CA Technologies (U.S.)
  • Dell Inc. (U.S.)
  • Hewlett-Packard Development Company L.P. (U.S.)
  • Joyent Inc. (U.S.)