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Golf Apparel Market Product Type, Application and Specification Forecast by 2016-2021

Global Golf Apparel Market is segmented, By Application Type as Men, Juniors, and Ladies. Golf is a highly popular sport among the business individuals and the unprofessional players. This exercise is facilitating socializing and golf is a game other than exercise which give you the enjoyment also, Golf apparel as the name suggests comprises clothing, footwear, and other accessories, which are worn while playing golf to provide the wearer comfort and style. T-shirts, tracksuits and shorts are typical golf-specific apparel used while playing golf.

Green and Recycled Mobile Phone Market Region, Applications, Types, and Market Consumption Forecast by 2016 – 2021

Global Green and Recycled Mobile Phone Market is segmented by Material into Metal-based, Plastic, Others. Recycling or reprocessing cell phones help the environment by saving energy, preserving natural resources, and keeping reusable materials out of landfills, thus dipping pollution. Cell phones comprise a large number of chemicals and hazardous substances used in their manufacturing principally persistent, bio accumulative, and toxic chemicals (PBTs).

One of the foremost trends developing in this market is the upsurge in severe guidelines from numerous regulatory establishments. The new standards and guidelines help decrease waste by monitoring the consequence of toxic chemicals in the environment. Mobile phone waste management allows the recycling of waste resources such as metal, batteries, and plastic.

Glass-ionomer Cement Market Shares, types and Applications Forecast by 2016-2020

Global Glass-ionomer Cement Market is segmented on the basis of types, application, and region. Glass-ionomer cements (GICs) are clinically attractive dental materials that have certain unique properties which make them useful as restorative and luting materials. Glass ionomer cement is a tooth colored material, introduced by Wilson and Kent. Material was based on reaction between silicate glass powder & polyacrylic acid. They bond chemically to tooth structure & release fluoride for comparatively long period.It consists of powdered fluoroaluminosilicate glass and a polyalkenoic acid. Polyacrylic acid is often merged into the powder in its dehydrated form, leaving the liquid to consist of water or an aqueous solution of tartaric acid and others. Glass ionomer direct restorative materials are an excellent alternative which solves many of the challenges associated with composite materials.