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Seasonings and Spices Market : Top Industry Manufacturers Analysis

Global Seasonings and Spices Market: Snapshot

Seasonings and spices are considered as food additives that offer nutrition value and flavor to food preparations. These products are being used across the globe since ancient times, owing to which this market is estimated to grow at a progressive rate throughout the forecast period. Despite several economic ups and downs worldwide, the global market for seasonings and spices has continued to remain strong. The rising popularity of preferring home-cooked and healthy meals is anticipated to encourage the development of the global seasonings and spices market in the next few years.

Seasonings and Spices Market to reach $30,412.8 million by 2023

Seasonings and spices market is forecasted to reach $30,412.8 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 6.0% during 2018–2023.

The growth in the market will be led by the increasing awareness on the medical benefits of spices, the rising demand for ethnic cuisines, and the growing popularity of convenience foods.

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In terms of product, the seasonings and spices market has been categorized into whole and ground. The whole seasonings and spices market is expected to grow at higher rate over ground, in terms of volume and value, during the forecast period. The faster growth of the segment is due to the convenience of processing whole spices, from both the industrial and the residential perspective.