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Sodium Cyanide Market Development Trends – Industry Overview Report 2022

Global Sodium Cyanide Market is segmented on the basis of type as Solid Sodium Cyanide, and Liquid Sodium Cyanide.A highly poisonous inorganic compound that is extensively employed in the chemical and mining industries is known as sodium cyanide. It is usually found to be white in color and possess the property of water-solubility. NaCN is the chemical formula of the particular compound. It is known that cyanide has a high resemblance for metals, that eventually give rise to the high toxicity property of this salt. It has found its major application in gold mining that makes use of its high reactivity property toward metals. The other prime uses associated with the product include electroplating as well as analytical testing. It also acts as an essential precursor to numerous functional organic and inorganic chemicals, encompassing pharmaceuticals. Mining industry is recognized as the major consumer of this market.