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Global Touch Screen Controllers Market 2022 – Grow Pricing, Features, Reviews & Comparison of Alternatives

Market Synopsis of Global Touch Screen Controllers Market:

Market Scenario:

Touch screen controller is an important device for touch screen display. A touch screen display can be defined as a pressure sensitive device with sense pressure when touched on the display screen.
A resistive touch screen panel is coated with a metallic electrical resistive and conductive layer that can cause a change in the electrical current which is registered when touched and sent to the controller for processing.

Touch Screen Controllers Market in Global Industry 2016 Product Specification, Growth Drivers, Applications and Forecast to 2022

Global Touch Screen Controllers Market, By Technology (Resistive Controller, Capacitive Controller), by Interface (I2C, SPI, USB, URT), by Application (PDAs, Smart phones, GPS devices, Media Players, Industry control displays, Portable instruments), by End-users (Healthcare, Automotive, Banking, Industrial, Consumer Electronics)- Forecast to 2022

 Market Synopsis of Global Touch Screen Controllers Market:

Touch Screen Controllers Market is Driven by Increasing Demand for Smart Consumer Electronics

Market Highlights


Global Touch Screen Controllers Market is poised to reach at market size of USD 10 billion by end of year 2022 at growing with 16% CAGR. The growth in the touch screen controllers market is driven by the growing integration of touchscreens in automobiles, increasing demand for smart consumer electronics; also capacitive controllers are highly responsive and provide a real-time feel while minimizing power consumption.


The rapid growth of internet of things across the world and touch screen devices are used in the education sector could create opportunities for the manufacturers of touch screen controllers and hence it is expected to boost the Global Touch Screen Controllers Market over the forecast period, 2016-2022.