Funki Flamingo Car Seat Organiser From Has Extended Straps, Fits Any Type Of Headrest

Funki Flamingo Car Seat Organiser From Has Extended Straps, Fits Any Type Of Headrest

Car seat tidy is guaranteed to fit any car seat size and type and features an easy-install mechanism


Premium baby products maker Funki Flamingo launched its brand new car seat organizer for kids in October 2015. This new product, called the Funki Flamingo Kids Back Seat Car Organizer, features multiple pockets that are significantly larger than that of regular organizers. It can store toys and other stuff like books, baby bottles and even food items. It also has a detachable, handy pouch that parents can just take with them whenever they need to get out of the car.


For Jas Darar and his wife Angela, owners of Funki Flamingo, while having kids in the backseat can be an exciting quality bonding time for the family, it can also lead to a stressful atmosphere for parents because they have to make sure that things won’t get messy and cause unfortunate accidents. This is where having a car seat organizer comes in.


According to Jas, unlike any other car organizer, their product was design to be compatible to any type of car seat.


“Our car organizer has specially extended straps so it fits firmly, whatever the kind and size of headrest you have,” he explained. “To install, parents only need to wrap these straps around the car seat and click the fasteners.”


Meanwhile, Angela believes that their car seat organizer not only keeps things in order, but it also helps avoid accidents on the road caused by distracted driving.


“Driving parents to occasionally shift their attention to their infant or toddler in the backseat, and when that happens they could be distracted from their focus on the road,” she said. “Keeping the car free of clutter can certainly make the trip safer for everyone.”


Immediately after its release, the Funki Flamingo Kids Back Seat Car Organizer has already earned favorable reviews on Amazon. It comes with a 100% Money-Back and Infinity Replacement Guarantee which assures customers a lifetime of hassle-free and quality use.