New Ergonomic Hipseat Baby Carrier Released By Funki Flamingo on Amazon

New Ergonomic Hipseat Baby Carrier Released By Funki Flamingo on Amazon

Baby Products Company’s new baby carrier offers more moveability and comfort


Funki Flamingo, a premium baby products company, launched their newest product last week, called the Funki Flamingo Hipseat Ergonomic Baby Carrier. The product is now on a special launch price on Amazon UK and is earning favorable reviews early on.


The new baby carrier product was mainly created to help parents reclaim freedom in movement and productivity while carrying their infant. It was tactically designed to distribute the weight of the baby evenly so parents can wear long enough without any body discomfort. The carrier was manufactured using premium materials to ensure years of use. This includes sturdy waterproof fabric that holds the baby safely and securely.


According to the owners of Funki Flamingo, Jas Darar and his wife Angela, maintaining a close physical connection with baby facilitates growth and development, not only physically but also mentally.


“Our carrier keeps baby close to your warm body and heartbeat where they feel safe and secure,” Angela said. “This way, the physical bond is reinforced and you can perform other tasks while making sure your spine is protected even after long hours of baby-carrying.”


After just a few days since its release, the baby carrier is already generating good feedback from parents online. Parents are generally satisfied with the product’s quality of material and ergonomic design.


“I’m so pleased with this purchase!” wrote one reviewer on Amazon UK. “I was looking for something to use when my little boy is too big for his stretchy wrap. This carrier is perfect. Easy to use and clip on. Baby is well supported & comfortable. He often has a nap in it. Great for when we are out & about, or even just around the house!”


“This baby carrier is great value for money – it is nice and sturdy so you can feel confident using it hands-free,” another satisfied customer wrote. “My baby seems really comfortable in it with no indication of slipping out of the carrier and I certainly appreciate being able to move from room to room without having to leave my baby on his own and unsupervised. All in all, the carrier provided security and support and I will certainly be using it until my son outgrows it.”


The Funki Flamingo Hipseat Ergonomic Baby Carrier comes with a 100% Money-Back and Infinity Replacement Guarantee. It is suitable for infants 3 to 36 months and comes in unisex black color.