Funki Flamingo’s Car Sun Shades Stick To Windows Without The Use Of Suction Cups

Funki Flamingo’s Car Sun Shades Stick To Windows Without The Use Of Suction Cups

Premium car sun shades feature a Static Cling Design for easier use


In November of 2015, premium baby products company Funki Flamingo launched their car sun shades made to shield young car passengers from harmful sun exposure. The Funki Flamingo Kids Car Sun Shades is guaranteed to block 97% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that can lead to serious skin and eye disorders.


For Jas Darar and his wife Angela, owners of baby products company Funki Flamingo, existing car sun shades in the market can be a little tricky to set up. This prompted them to design their own car sun shades, but with an improved installation mechanism and practical design.


“Regular sun shades that use suction cups should be a thing of the past,” Jas said. “I’ve personally found it maddening to spend so much time and energy setting them up, especially before a long trip with kids when there’s so many other things to prepare.”


The couple launched their own brand of car sun shades which are made of premium see-through material. The product also features what the manufacturers call a Static Cling Design. “It means you just need to place the shades against your car window and the static cling back will simply stick to the glass surface. Parents can now forget about fiddly suction cups,” Jas explained.


Just after a couple of weeks since its launch, the car sun shades have already gained positive reviews on Amazon, mainly because of its easy-to-install feature and mesh-based material that allows people in the car to see out the window. Parents also love the “funki design” that gives the shades a more elegant look.


“Defense needs to start early, to make sure kids are protected from the sun before it’s too late,” Angela said. “Aside from making sure our shades can effectively shield the skin from damage, we also wanted our product to be efficient so parents can give more time to their kids and attending to their needs.”


All Funki Flamingo products, including the Kids Car Sun Shades, come with a 100% Money-Back and Infinity Replacement Guarantee, as well as a handy storage pouch free of charge.