Funki Flamingo’s Car Tidy Has Click-And-Go Extended Straps For Added Efficiency

Funki Flamingo’s Car Tidy Has Click-And-Go Extended Straps For Added Efficiency

Premium car seat organiser takes only seconds to set up and fits any car seat


Maintaining order and sanity inside the car is one of the most stressful tasks for parents, especially now that families are spending more and more time in the car. That is according to Jas Darar and his wife Angela, owners of Funki Flamingo, a premium baby products company.


In October of 2015, they launched their brand new car seat organiser for kids which promises to help parents make their backseats more orderly especially when travelling with children and all their toys and other important things. However, for them, existing car seat organisers require so much time and effort to install, and most of them don’t even have enough room to keep everything in place.


“A car tidy can make wonders during a car trip with kids, but when they’re too small and too difficult to set up, it defeats the purpose,” Jas said. “That inspired us to design and create a car tidy that’s easy to install, has enough storage space, and can also be portable when necessary.”


The Funki Flamingo Kids Back Seat Car Organiser has multiple extra-large pockets that can store toys and other stuff like books, baby bottles and even food items. It also features a detachable compartment that parents can simply detach and take a much smaller item with them instead of having to take the entire seat organiser.


Jas also said that what sets their car tidy apart is the easy-installation mechanism that saves parents time and energy when preparing for a car trip.


“Parents will have absolutely no problem in setting up the car tidy because we’ve made it easier for them,” Jas said. “They only need to wrap the straps around the car seat, click the fasteners and that’s it. Just click and go.”


All Funki Flamingo products come with a 100% Money-Back and Infinity Replacement Guarantee. The company’s premium baby merchandise quickly earned top honors on Amazon both in the US and in the UK after being launched last year.